Advanced Placement Exam Season Begins

The first deadline for ordering Advanced Placement (AP) tests is March 16th.

Valencia has widely encouraged students to enroll in at least one AP course before graduation, yielding a large increase in AP enrollment. Due to this recent spike, students are now advised to purchase their AP tests as soon as possible. Students are able to purchase their tests at the finance office with Mrs. Swearingen or online through the Tiger Web Store. Following March 19th, students may purchase their tests for an additional $15 fee until March 30th. Though the final deadline for purchasing AP tests is April 20th, an extra fee of $45 will be charged to students who wait.

Although some remain indecisive about purchasing AP tests, administration promotes the many benefits of taking the test in hopes of encouraging students. For some universities, AP credits are accepted to benefit incoming freshman, allowing them to focus on their interests rather than general requirements. Rather than spending $500 to $5000 per class as required by most colleges, the $94 AP exam provides an alternative to receive the same amount of college credits in high school. Furthermore, when students satisfy AP credit requirements, they are often able to bypass the freshman year of college, economically profiting the students and their families.

Mr. Christopher Herzfeld, Head of Curriculum and Assistant Principal at Valencia, takes command of the organization process for AP testing. Lisa Swearingen, Christine Hughes, and Linda Gaunt also play key roles, aiding Herzfeld with coordinating students’ exams. Herzfeld encourages all students in AP courses to attempt the corresponding test as this “reflects well on every student’s VHS diploma and transcript”.

Students will be able to view their results in July either by mail or at the AP College Board website.

Braided Hair Continues to Trend


By David Lee

Different hairstyles of unique individuals scatter Valencia High School’s campus and exemplify modern style at its apex, one of which includes braids. Typically characterized by interwoven strands of hair, braided hairstyles have permeated through its different styles, some of which include French, Dutch, Box, and Waterfall.

While braids may simply be a form of regular comfort or routine, braids have cultural significance for a variety of people, some of whom can be found on campus.

While braids may simply be a form of regular comfort or routine, braids have defined modern style in recent decades. With some named “criss-cross goddess braids”, “bold triangle parted box braids”, and “centre-parted crown with fishtail braids”, braided hair has become prominent within the fashionable community. For others, braids may serve practical purposes, such as keeping hair out of one’s face or to prevent it from flying in the wind. These braids display modern style at its apex, drawing looks from students from all around the campus.

Today, braids are most commonly found to complement modern style and physical comfort. For Jasmine Sparks, a senior at Valencia High School and member of the school’s dance team, “Braids are my comfort style. I love my braids and feel the most confident while wearing them”. Having worn braids for nearly her entire life, they have supported her hair through exercises with the dance team and really brought to light her sense of style.


Braids have invaded our school’s campus, but perhaps only for the better.

Boys Soccer heads for CIF

BSOC Var Team Photo
Photo courtesy of Kevin Ferguson

Valencia High School’s Boys Soccer are currently undefeated in league (10-0) to win the Empire League Championship. As of right now, the boys are 22-1-3 and are headed to the CIF playoffs as the the #1 seed in Division 2. For those unfamiliar with the process of how the boys soccer team earned their top place, there are a total thirty-two teams that compete. Among the teams, Valencia was able to be in the top three in League which has allowed them to compete in CIF playoffs. The CIF playoffs consists of five rounds to win; this contains: first round, second round, semi finals, quarter finals, and championships. Once they complete these rounds, they become hailed as CIF champions.

The team is still working hard and in a hurry to keep their performance in top shape. The adrenaline is apparent and Boys Soccer are pushing themselves for the championship game. Coach Barry Gardner is also very proud of the current progress made by the team despite several injuries and setbacks. He hopes that “this season will be better than last year.” Gardner continues the routine drills with the team and breaks down the components of each position in order for the team to work as a whole. His biggest advice to the team is “forget anything good or bad that has already happened to you. Just focus on the game at hand.”

Despite the enthusiasm, the season is not over yet for the varsity team. Their next opponent is Redondo Union High School. The next game will take place on Friday, February 16th at 5 P.M. at Bradford Stadium. After working hard towards reaching the top, Gardner and the team are expecting a good challenge from Redondo. Gardner commented that a huge celebration will be expected should Friday’s game turn in their favor.

A Little Birdie Told Us…

Mrs. Tweety Guy, Valencia High School’s Counseling Secretary, can betweety2.png found in the Administration’s Office here on campus. Guy is a graduate of California State University Fullerton (CSUF) with a major in Business. She has

 worked in the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District for twenty years, nine years at Valencia High School. Guy began as an instructional aid and has taught computer classes at El Dorado and Van Buren. Guy later came to Valencia, where she has taken numerous jobs; her jobs include: Facilities Clerk, Assistant Finance Clerk, Receptionist, and eventually Counseling Secretary. She also has family members who work in the school district. Her daughter and daughter-in-law work at the elementary and Pre-K level.

As Counseling Secretary, she keeps the Administration and Counseling offices functioning smoothly daily. Guy is the one that updates Michael Young’s and the counselors’ calendars, coordinates Distinguished Scholars Night with Mr. Louie, and creates the list of seniors who will be handed a diploma at Graduation.


As far as her interaction with students, Guy updates and fixes students’ transcripts and make sure that they are mailed to students, as well as feeding the information to the PYLUSD district office. She ensures that students called up to the office are checked in properly and accordingly. Aeries is also regulated and handled by Guy.

A little known fact about Guy is that her first name Tweety is actually not her legal first name. In actuality, Guy’s legal first name is Lynn. The story behind the name change goes as follows. When Guy was two and a half months old, she was in the living room with her uncle. Coincidentally, the television in the living room was broadcasting Looney Toons. Her uncle commented that two and a half year old Lynn Guy contained similar characteristics to Tweety, the small yellow bird chased by Sylvester the Cat. Guy revealed that since then, friends, family and coworkers have always referred to her as “Tweety.”

National Signing Day 2018

By: Evan Chase

At 7A.M., the morning of February 7th, two Valencia High School seniors officially committed to play division one and three sports at the college level. The families of Kelli Van Dam and Emily Salazar, coaches, administration, as well as reporters from Tiger Tube, gathered to witness the signing on Wednesday.

This event was a part of National Signing Day. Typically held on the first Wednesday in the month of February, National Signing Day is the first day that a high school senior is encouraged to sign a binding National Letter of Intent for a collegiate sport with a school that is a member of the United States National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Van Dam and Salazar qualified for this program by demonstrating exceptional athletic and academic ability. Requirements for qualification include taking 16 core academic classes and achieving above-average scores on both the SAT and ACT.

“It is wonderful to see two hardworking students, in the classroom and on the field, be recognized today.  Both of these young ladies greatly deserve the accolades they are receiving due to their dedication and perseverance both academically and athletically,” said Elizabeth Nasouf, who is the counselor for both of the students.

Van Dam, who has been playing lacrosse since second grade, officially signed to play the sport at the University of New England, Maine. From there, she plans to begin working towards a major in Nursing. Last year, Valencia’s girls’ lacrosse team managed to place 3rd in league. In an interview, Van Dam stated that her favorite part of the sport is the team aspect. Coach John Van Dam, who is also her father, aims to win league and make the playoffs this year.

Salazar has been playing softball for 12 years and signed to play for California State University Long Beach (CSULB), Wednesday morning. She plans on majoring in Kinesiology. Currently, Salazar is the shortstop for the Valencia’s softball team. The ladies on her team experienced some big changes last year. With a new head coach, the team successfully made it to the second round in CIF.

Principal Olivia Yaung congratulates both students on their achievements and is confident they will both represent Valencia well in the future, “Once a tiger, always a tiger.”

O’Neill Partners with VHS

April 2nd-8th, 2018, Valencia High School has been offered a chance to raise money by partnering with O’Neill. O’Neill is a California based surf wear and surfboard brand that was founded in 1952 by Jack O’Neill.

A 40% off coupon will be distributed to students and community members. This coupon is good for both clothing and accessories (some restrictions will apply). “This is another innovative way for VHS to raise money for our campus,” exclaims Kate Moreland (12). 20% of the proceeds will come back to VHS for campus wide events, supplies, and athletic department needs.

Students, parents, and community members are encouraged to show the attached flyer or mention Valencia at checkout to receive the discount as well as push the proceeds into the VHS fund. Ivan Miranda (11) recalls going to the O’Neill shop during Black Friday, “I really enjoyed my experience at the O’Neill shop. I got some really nice clothes for school and appreciate their style.”  Nathan DeRisio (11), Miranda’s friend,  interjected, “Their clothes are really comfortable.”

The O’Neill Shop  is located at 321 W. Katella #164, Anaheim. O’Neill’s hours of operation are Monday-Sunday 10AM-9PM.


Financial Aid Deadline

Financial Aid 2018

The Financial Aid Application deadline for our seniors is quickly approaching,  March 2nd.

Senior students should not forget about this upcoming deadline.  As of right now VHS’ number of submitted applications is very low compared to past years. Because the number of applications is so low, there has been extra encouragement for students to get their applications submitted as soon as possible. Seniors can discuss their needs with their Language Arts teachers, who may have received a flyer in their mailbox as well as look online for information.

Mrs. Christine Hughes is available in the College and Career Center to assist whenever needed. In addition, VHS is hosting Financial Aid Workshops every Thursday after school from 3pm- 4pm.  These workshops are provided by school representatives who are very knowledgeable and can assist students and families through the complete application process.

If you would like more information about financial aid, contact or feel free to stop in the College and Career Center before the deadline.

Elective Rush

By: Lachlan Shon

On February 5th, 2018, Valencia High School’s Elective Rush offered all the different classes students may consider joining for the 2018-2019 school year. The classes that had tables included, but were not limited to: Yearbook, TigerTube, El Tigre, Comedy Sportz, Ceramics, Cheer, Cyber Patriots, Preschool, and more. There were 13 electives represented. Both students and teachers were out recruiting and educating students about their perspective electives.

Junior Ana Nguyen stated,“Elective rush is important because it gives students a chance to take themselves out of the normal mindset of school.”

Likewise, Mr. Dwight Osborne projected that he was “glad that Valencia is promoting this and getting the students to come out and get involved.”

Mr. Jeff Louie, Activities Director, also outlined the purpose of Elective Rush “it allows for students to get more information on the different electives that are offered at Valencia. It also allows for teachers to promote the different programs that are being delivered to at school.” He also commented that, “students may not be sure what kind of path they want to set themselves for later in life. Elective Rush presents the various electives students may take that could increase involvement in school and develop later life skills.” Louie firmly believes that Elective Rush may expand in the future “as long there is interest which is ultimately driven by the students’ demand for such activities and classes to take place.”

Registration for 2018-2019 School Year Begins

By: Evan Chase

Registration Cards
Photo by: Diana Corona

Tuesday, February 6th is registration card day. The cards were distributed to each first period class during the day, to be used to articulate the student’s desired curriculum for the upcoming year. The A-G requirements are still guidelines that students need to follow in order to graduate and be compliant for college readiness.

This year’s juniors will get the chance to meet one-on-one with their counselors from February 6th until March 9th for an opportunity to discuss their future goals as well as college information. Details on the upcoming SAT and ACT tests will also be addressed.

As for the current freshmen and sophomores, entire classes will be able to meet with their respective counselors to talk about summer school and whether or not they are on track to graduate. Meeting days for sophomores will be from Monday, March 19th thru Friday, March 23rd. Freshmen will be scheduled the following week from Monday, March 26th thru Friday, March 30th.

Dedicated Secretary

By: Brendan Munoz

Claudia Serna, the Principal Secretary of Valencia, has been a tiger for well over twelve years. She first arrived at Valencia in hopes of obtaining the Counseling Secretary position in 2005. After three successful interviews for the secretary position, which included the Principal and Assistant Principal, Serna was offered the role.

Now, after successful promotions, she is currently tasked with scheduling Principal Yaung’s day, assisting Office and Support Staff, and answering parent inquiries. Serna primarily spends her time managing Valencia’s budget, preparing payroll documentation,and ordering supplies for the school. She regularly interacts with students as well, whether it be for teacher deliveries or for those interested in scheduling appointments with Mrs. Yaung. 

These responsibilities of course come with their fair share of challenges. Finding the time for everyone taxes her the most. “Every person matters, modeling patience and setting the time aside to listen is important,” stated Serna. This method of prioritizing those who need her help is what has led Serna to her success as Principal Secretary.

Aside from the various challenges that her position entails, Serna has relished in her experiences here at Valencia. She disclosed that the most fulfilling parts of her job are “The opportunity to share kindness and the opportunity to work at a diverse campus such as VHS.”

Photo by: Makenna Thomsen

With the recent change in executive staff at Valencia, Serna has also found a new opportunity to grow and learn. By maintaining a positive attitude towards the adjustment, Serna remains focused on aiding Valencia’s administrative team.