Dedicated Secretary

By: Brendan Munoz

Claudia Serna, the Principal Secretary of Valencia, has been a tiger for well over twelve years. She first arrived at Valencia in hopes of obtaining the Counseling Secretary position in 2005. After three successful interviews for the secretary position, which included the Principal and Assistant Principal, Serna was offered the role.

Now, after successful promotions, she is currently tasked with scheduling Principal Yaung’s day, assisting Office and Support Staff, and answering parent inquiries. Serna primarily spends her time managing Valencia’s budget, preparing payroll documentation,and ordering supplies for the school. She regularly interacts with students as well, whether it be for teacher deliveries or for those interested in scheduling appointments with Mrs. Yaung. 

These responsibilities of course come with their fair share of challenges. Finding the time for everyone taxes her the most. “Every person matters, modeling patience and setting the time aside to listen is important,” stated Serna. This method of prioritizing those who need her help is what has led Serna to her success as Principal Secretary.

Aside from the various challenges that her position entails, Serna has relished in her experiences here at Valencia. She disclosed that the most fulfilling parts of her job are “The opportunity to share kindness and the opportunity to work at a diverse campus such as VHS.”

Photo by: Makenna Thomsen

With the recent change in executive staff at Valencia, Serna has also found a new opportunity to grow and learn. By maintaining a positive attitude towards the adjustment, Serna remains focused on aiding Valencia’s administrative team.

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