Elective Rush

By: Lachlan Shon

On February 5th, 2018, Valencia High School’s Elective Rush offered all the different classes students may consider joining for the 2018-2019 school year. The classes that had tables included, but were not limited to: Yearbook, TigerTube, El Tigre, Comedy Sportz, Ceramics, Cheer, Cyber Patriots, Preschool, and more. There were 13 electives represented. Both students and teachers were out recruiting and educating students about their perspective electives.

Junior Ana Nguyen stated,“Elective rush is important because it gives students a chance to take themselves out of the normal mindset of school.”

Likewise, Mr. Dwight Osborne projected that he was “glad that Valencia is promoting this and getting the students to come out and get involved.”

Mr. Jeff Louie, Activities Director, also outlined the purpose of Elective Rush “it allows for students to get more information on the different electives that are offered at Valencia. It also allows for teachers to promote the different programs that are being delivered to at school.” He also commented that, “students may not be sure what kind of path they want to set themselves for later in life. Elective Rush presents the various electives students may take that could increase involvement in school and develop later life skills.” Louie firmly believes that Elective Rush may expand in the future “as long there is interest which is ultimately driven by the students’ demand for such activities and classes to take place.”

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