A Little Birdie Told Us…

Mrs. Tweety Guy, Valencia High School’s Counseling Secretary, can betweety2.png found in the Administration’s Office here on campus. Guy is a graduate of California State University Fullerton (CSUF) with a major in Business. She has

 worked in the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District for twenty years, nine years at Valencia High School. Guy began as an instructional aid and has taught computer classes at El Dorado and Van Buren. Guy later came to Valencia, where she has taken numerous jobs; her jobs include: Facilities Clerk, Assistant Finance Clerk, Receptionist, and eventually Counseling Secretary. She also has family members who work in the school district. Her daughter and daughter-in-law work at the elementary and Pre-K level.

As Counseling Secretary, she keeps the Administration and Counseling offices functioning smoothly daily. Guy is the one that updates Michael Young’s and the counselors’ calendars, coordinates Distinguished Scholars Night with Mr. Louie, and creates the list of seniors who will be handed a diploma at Graduation.


As far as her interaction with students, Guy updates and fixes students’ transcripts and make sure that they are mailed to students, as well as feeding the information to the PYLUSD district office. She ensures that students called up to the office are checked in properly and accordingly. Aeries is also regulated and handled by Guy.

A little known fact about Guy is that her first name Tweety is actually not her legal first name. In actuality, Guy’s legal first name is Lynn. The story behind the name change goes as follows. When Guy was two and a half months old, she was in the living room with her uncle. Coincidentally, the television in the living room was broadcasting Looney Toons. Her uncle commented that two and a half year old Lynn Guy contained similar characteristics to Tweety, the small yellow bird chased by Sylvester the Cat. Guy revealed that since then, friends, family and coworkers have always referred to her as “Tweety.”

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