Braided Hair Continues to Trend


By David Lee

Different hairstyles of unique individuals scatter Valencia High School’s campus and exemplify modern style at its apex, one of which includes braids. Typically characterized by interwoven strands of hair, braided hairstyles have permeated through its different styles, some of which include French, Dutch, Box, and Waterfall.

While braids may simply be a form of regular comfort or routine, braids have cultural significance for a variety of people, some of whom can be found on campus.

While braids may simply be a form of regular comfort or routine, braids have defined modern style in recent decades. With some named “criss-cross goddess braids”, “bold triangle parted box braids”, and “centre-parted crown with fishtail braids”, braided hair has become prominent within the fashionable community. For others, braids may serve practical purposes, such as keeping hair out of one’s face or to prevent it from flying in the wind. These braids display modern style at its apex, drawing looks from students from all around the campus.

Today, braids are most commonly found to complement modern style and physical comfort. For Jasmine Sparks, a senior at Valencia High School and member of the school’s dance team, “Braids are my comfort style. I love my braids and feel the most confident while wearing them”. Having worn braids for nearly her entire life, they have supported her hair through exercises with the dance team and really brought to light her sense of style.


Braids have invaded our school’s campus, but perhaps only for the better.

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