Advanced Placement Exam Season Begins

The first deadline for ordering Advanced Placement (AP) tests is March 16th.

Valencia has widely encouraged students to enroll in at least one AP course before graduation, yielding a large increase in AP enrollment. Due to this recent spike, students are now advised to purchase their AP tests as soon as possible. Students are able to purchase their tests at the finance office with Mrs. Swearingen or online through the Tiger Web Store. Following March 19th, students may purchase their tests for an additional $15 fee until March 30th. Though the final deadline for purchasing AP tests is April 20th, an extra fee of $45 will be charged to students who wait.

Although some remain indecisive about purchasing AP tests, administration promotes the many benefits of taking the test in hopes of encouraging students. For some universities, AP credits are accepted to benefit incoming freshman, allowing them to focus on their interests rather than general requirements. Rather than spending $500 to $5000 per class as required by most colleges, the $94 AP exam provides an alternative to receive the same amount of college credits in high school. Furthermore, when students satisfy AP credit requirements, they are often able to bypass the freshman year of college, economically profiting the students and their families.

Mr. Christopher Herzfeld, Head of Curriculum and Assistant Principal at Valencia, takes command of the organization process for AP testing. Lisa Swearingen, Christine Hughes, and Linda Gaunt also play key roles, aiding Herzfeld with coordinating students’ exams. Herzfeld encourages all students in AP courses to attempt the corresponding test as this “reflects well on every student’s VHS diploma and transcript”.

Students will be able to view their results in July either by mail or at the AP College Board website.

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