3D Visual Arts Semi-Finalist

Masey Park (12) is a ceramics student under Mr. Ryan Reich and this year, she has not only been nominated for the OC Register Artist of the Year, but she is now a semi-finalist in 3D Visual Arts in the discipline of Ceramics. This entails that Masey now must interview with the OC Register, attend a photo shoot showcasing her and her artwork and a reception for the semi-finalist artists.

In order to become a semi-finalist, there are of course the preliminary nominations that begin when The OC Register sends out an email to art teachers. The email asks for gifted students with outstanding work that the teachers wish to nominate. The students then have to make a resume and answer essay questions in order to advance in the program. Their artwork is sent out in a link to the judges, other art teachers, and their work is given a score from 1 to 5. The semi-finalists are the top rated artists by the judge’s averaged scores.

The finalists will be named by the OC Register on April 23 in print and on their website.

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