AVID College Tours

By: Brendan Munoz

On February 28, Juniors in the Advanced Via Individual Determination (AVID) program toured the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona). Being the second college tour AVID Juniors have taken this year, Cal Poly Pomona was chosen not only for its proximity to a majority of Valencia students, but also for its academic prestige. While all students in AVID were encouraged to attend, this field trip was primarily geared towards those who have had little to no exposure to the atmosphere of a college campus.

IMG_8505 (1)

Throughout the tour, students were able to explore various facets of campus life. Many of the attendees took this opportunity to surround themselves with active student hot-spots in order to become better informed and engaged with Cal Poly Pomona’s unique atmosphere. Others, however, chose to peruse the school’s library and observe the type of working environments that they could expect. Experiencing campus cultures, as well as witnessing the range of different diversities harbored, gave students deeper insights into everyday college life. As a result, these visits often impact both student expectations and aspirations. Priscilla something explained (11) “The trips are encouraging me to want to go to college more, they give me a better view of campus life”.

Further aiding the Juniors in their search for ideal colleges, are the speeches given by current undergraduates. The seminar entailed practical information regarding majors and programs offered by the university, appealing to the specific interests of students. This address, in combination with the previous hours spent touring the campus, meaningfully guided college-bound students in their decisions to consider applying to this school. Furthermore, Cal Poly Pomona is by no means an ordinary school, and students were able to take away a general impression of campus life regardless of their decisions to apply.

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