“You Can’t Take it with You”


By: Allison Lu

On March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2018 Valencia’s Drama Program hosted their annual Spring Play. They performed the comedy “You Can’t Take it with You,” which originally came out in 1938, during the Great Depression. This period piece “displays a great message of valuing people and relationships, following your passion, and that when you die you can’t take money with you,” stated Mrs. Grace Stanton, the performing arts teacher.

In order to really bring this play to life, the drama department strived to ensure that everything was authentic. They had to rent costumes from both the Fullerton Civic Light Opera and California State University, Fullerton, where the fittings lasted two hours. As for props, the authentic and odd objects came from the drama department storage space, Goodwill, or they were borrowed from teachers on campus. As a result, this entire production costed around $3,000 dollars including the aforementioned as well as tickets, programs, food and drinks.

Castings were held in December to the entire student body. Auditions lasted for three days and on the third day Stanton revealed the final casting. Her decision was based on whose spirit was most like the chosen character and through seniority. Rehearsals started in January where students practiced everyday for two hours. However, performance day, rehearsals lasted at least four hours each day. As expressed by Stanton, this years group was one of the best she’s ever had, “not only as performers but also as people.”

Matt Quintero, the actor who played Anthony P. Kirby, explained he really enjoyed the epiphany that the antagonist experiences. Jessica Spruiell, the actress who played Alice Sycamore, described how it was challenging to get into the “cheesiness” of the play. She wanted to represent Alice because the character was a little different from all the previous ones she’s played and thought it would be fun to try something new. Even though both Spruiell and Quintero have acted for years, the two still get nervous before stepping on stage. However, they deal with the nerves by taking deep breaths.

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