A Smile from the Front Office

Mrs. Kathy Klingamen is the front office receptionist in the administration building at Valencia High School (VHS). Klingamen is a California State University, Fullerton Graduate who majored in Business Marketing. She began her career at VHS in 2006, as a part-time media assistant in the library. For the last five years, Klingamen has been the front office receptionist with a total of eleven years working at Valencia. Some little known facts about Klingamen is that she has climbed over fifteen mountain peaks around the world and she has lived in the Sierra Mountains for some time.

Klingamen’s job as a front office receptionist encompasses many responsibilities. She takes the majority of phone calls from parents and other teachers directed to the front office. Klingamen also directs phone calls to other staff members. Klingamen directs  visitors on campus, providing layouts of the campus itself.

Klingamen is always connected by handheld radio. Should there be an injury to a student on campus, she can be radioed to make sure the student receives proper assistance. Klingamen is the person to go to if there is an event to be hosted on Valencia’s campus. She is the facilities coordinator which involves managing and providing a space and schedule for those wanting to rent facilities on campus such as the gym, stadium, and auditorium. Another component of Klingamen’s responsibilities is that of being in charge of the Lost and Found. If a personal item is left on campus, it is most likely placed in the Lost and Found and Klingamen is the one to talk to should a person misplace an item.

Though this may seem like a great deal of responsibilities, Klingamen has numerous student aids that assist her in taking phone calls and running errands. Klingamen stated that her favorite part of working at Valencia is interacting with students and staff members who commit numerous hours here on campus.

Kathy Klingamen (on right) engaging in a humorous conversation with Lisa Swearingen (on left).
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