Love Placentia



Photos courtesy of Mr. Ryan Reich

In pursuit of giving back to the community, one of Valencia High School’s (VHS) ceramics classes, led by Ryan Reich, created original tiles to ornament a mural at Kraemer Park in Placentia. The project began as an integral part of the city wide movement known as “LOVE PLACENTIA” and gave ceramics the opportunity to unite an entire community, serving one another as well as the city itself.

Leading up to the event, Reich and his students confronted new and varying challenges, primarily involved with the types of artwork students would be producing. Reich disclosed the mural, “was out of my normal wheelhouse of the kinds of projects we do…” Despite the obstacles, he went on to commend the effort and creativity students invested in the unique venture they undertook.

Distinct styles of design and decoration were evident in each tile piece, some of which included messages in Disney-like fonts, simple geometric patterns, or self-portraits of students themselves. Reflecting the “people of Valencia” proved a primary motivation for many students, who anticipated longevity for this mural; future generations would be able to see and remember the faces of these students and appreciate what members of VHS were able to contribute to the city of Placentia.

Dedicated to benefit the local community and overcome artistic challenges, Reich and his ceramics class continue to perfect the Kraemer mural. Seniors Masey Park and Ignacio Carreno helped to install the tiles on Saturday, and look forward to the next couple of weeks left in completing the mural.

City officials of Placentia notably expressed happiness regarding the progression of “LOVE PLACENTIA”, and continue to support the efforts of VHS students, as well as those from independent event organizers. These contributions to the city of Placentia led by Reich are testaments to the culture of community and love that Valencia High School prides in, and the subsequent completion of the mural will add yet another milestone for the ceramics class.

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