More Athletes Accepted to Universities

On the morning of May 2, 2018 in the administration building, three Valencia High School seniors were met with great praise as they signed papers committing to participate in the sports of their choice at top universities across the nation.

Senior Ethan Frisone signed to be committed for track and cross country at Loyola Marymount University in Westchester, Los Angeles, California. Garrett Garcia signed to be committed to play soccer for York University in York, England, and Hannah Roskelly signed to play soccer at University of South Dakota in Vermillion, South Dakota.

These athletes have worked hard for the past three years to be recognized and admitted to the universities. During this event, the athletes gathered with parents, families and coaches as well as administrators. Valencia’s own principal, Mrs. Olivia Yaung, and two assistant principals, Michael Young and Chris Herzfeld, began with introductions and personal congratulations to the athletes.

Athletes began signing the papers saying they accept their admission into the universities. They were then approached by Valencia’s TigerTube staff for interviews.

Frisone attributed his accomplishments to him growing up with parents  that nurtured his skill by running with him. In addition, joining the cross country team allowed him to develop further as an athlete. Cross country and track coach, Brandon Frank, mentioned that it was a pleasure to work with Frisone and really noticed him grow as a leader with great work ethics.

Garcia’s goal in soccer was to achieve great goals in a career involving soccer and most importantly sought to improve himself as a player. Soccer coach, Barry Gardener, stated that it was a pleasure for him to join boys soccer his junior and senior year and praised his defending abilities. Gardner concluded with his well wishes for Garcia’s venture overseas.

Roskelly looked back at when she started playing soccer at age four and acknowledged her passion for the sport. She is looking forward  to playing at the college level and creating new experiences. Gardener, also the Girls Soccer coach, finished off with wishing Roskelly good luck at South Dakota and thanking her for being a great leader on the team.

Valencia wishes these athletes good luck at the next level of their athletic career


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