Path to Sustainability

On April 8, 2018, biology teachers: Mr. William Truong, Ms. Leina Rizzo, Ms. Rebecca Bonet, and Ms. Linda Crossno assigned their first year biology students with a project geared towards improving Valencia High School’s (VHS) environment. In accordance with their lessons on human impact, specifically the negative consequences, these teachers were inspired to organize a project on sustainability this year. As explained by Truong, “sustainability is the idea of using resources/goods without depleting them in the long run.” Students in groups of two to three were given the opportunity to choose their own topic, so long as it involved this theme of campus sustainability. While the project gives students a chance to serve VHS, it also provides a window for all to help the local environment.

Before taking action, students were required to identify a problem, present data, and propose a viable solution. Many made use of social media when collecting data regarding campus opinion. Some propositions include, packaging food for longer preservation, building a thrift shop, building gardens, and constructing a paludarium. While the process challenged many, Freshman Karina Patel recognized the venture as, “a great way to engage students to help their school out.”

Truong hopes the project will encourage students around campus to take on a more intimate role in supporting the “existence and maintenance of their ecosystems.” With the anticipated success, Truong also believes students will see their positive impact on the ecosystem through feedback from peers, teachers, and administrators. Having only a few weeks left to complete this project, students are set to finish by June 11.  

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