VHS Art Show


From May 22nd to the 24th, over one hundred projects of art taken from all visual classes were on display in the multi-purpose room. The participating classes included photography, ceramics, graphic design, art fundamentals, and 3D art. Works ranged from oil paints, pottery, photographs, pencil illustrations, and even computer rendered models. Both advanced and beginner classes were exhibited, with each student permitted to display as many pieces as they wanted.

This exhibition served as a means for students to not only display their artistic talents, but also to recruit other students who may have had interests in joining the class. As emphasized by Lauren Schultz, who currently teaches Ceramics and Art History, this show had the sole purpose to underscore the achievements of the students, to display what they have been able to accomplish.

Overall, the art show provided the perfect opportunity to encourage students, and even sell many of their art pieces. As Daniela Flores, a senior, stated, “It lets people express their creativity”. Valencia’s tigers were truly under the spotlight with this event, demonstrating artistic greatness.

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