MORP- Get Your Sweat On

BY: Izzy Baker


On September 8 at 7:00 PM, MORP (Prom backwards) took place in the quad, the first dance of the year. With tickets at just $10 presale, $15 at the door, or free admission for students with an ASB sticker, many of Valencia’s tigers attended the event.

As the first dance of the year, MORP is meant to be relaxing and fun for everyone. Sophia Oh (12) President of ASB, differentiated MORP and other dances by explaining, “one thing that sets MORP apart from our other dances is that it really encourages students to come as they are. I love how students can just freely enjoy the dance with their friends, as well as make lasting memories.”

The theme was 70’s. Sure enough, many tigers showed up flaunting their own unique 70’s styles. Some groups of friends even sported matching outfits, including tie dye peace signs and shirts with their favorite bands.If the 70’s wasn’t displayed through student’s themed clothing, others proudly wore blue or gold, representing school spirit well.

Julianna Dauphin (11), Vice President of ASB, also gave a statement. “It is the highest attended dance of the year.” She continued to speculate, “ probably because students don’t have the pressure of finding a date, dressing up formally, and the low ticket price.” She believes the tradition of MORP will continue on throughout the years because it’s a good way of unifying the student body, especially at the beginning of the year.

Dancing was one of the main attractions at MORP, however, there were also chips and water being sold, as well as plenty of opportunities for students to take photos with their friends. Students with sore feet had the convenience of taking a breather to sit at the tables next to the dancing and take time to talk with their friends. There was even a “coat check” area where over 100 students left their cell phones and extra jackets so they could sweat the night away.

When asked why they wanted to attend the dance, a few students explained they liked being able to get involved in school activities, and enjoyed the throwback of early 2000’s music. Matt Quintero (12), said “It’s a good way to be involved with school and hang out with friends.” Another Senior articulated he “…would’ve regretted not going”, as it was his last chance to attend MORP, while another student said they came “to show school spirit”. MORP and school dances in general are good opportunities to get involved with Valencia outside of the school.

Many of the freshman also revealed they attended for  similar reasons: the dancing, music, and friends. However, one described the night as a good way to “meet new people and experience new things”. As MORP played a key role in integrating the newest class into high school life, it has also provided a memorable night for all of Valencia’s tigers who attended.

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