SAM Equals Safety


Written by: Nicole Trinidad
Photographer: Ariel Davila

This school year, Valencia High School introduced the newest addition of security.  The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified school district has discussed the idea of implementing enhanced security throughout all the schools with an electronic visitor management system. This is titled with the acronym “S.A.M” School Access Management.  

S.A.M electronically identifies people using the “badging system.” It takes their driver’s licenses or other form of I.D and compares it to the Megan’s Watch database.  This is a quick and efficient way to find and take care of any potential threats.  

The system creates an ID badge that includes a photo,  name of visitor, date and time, and destination on campus.  To plan your next visit to one of the PYLUSD high schools and learn more about S.A.M., please visit  The recent installment of advanced security cameras and equipment are a way to “upgrade in an effort to maximize the protection of our property and to deter criminal activity,” stated by Yaung.

As of mid-August, there are over 20+ different cameras such as PTZ, Fixed lens, and cameras with four lenses allowing security to have a 360 degree view from where it is fixed. Some cameras even have the ability to move and take in audio.  All cameras are run and surveyed by Valencia’s administration as well as the campus SRO. The cameras re installed in highly populated areas, building and school entrances, parking lots, hallways, and front offices. 

According to administration, it is important to acknowledge that the cameras are placed in public areas where there is “no reasonable expectation of privacy.”  They are not in any private areas such as restrooms, locker rooms, changing areas, private offices, or classrooms. This installment was in support of the District’s strategic plan titled, “The PYLUSD Advantage,” outlining, “A safe and respectful environment is essential to student success.”  

To further protect the students, the school has added new fencing near the band and choir rooms for increased security of our campus. These are “safety and wellness initiatives” that are focused on our students, staff members, families, and facilities.

This new security system serves as the stepping stone for implementing improved technology and tools that hope to ensure a safe campus for our #tigerfamily.     

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