Let it snow!

Today right after school, the quad was blanketed in white snow. A machine atop the office building dispenses snow all across the campus for students to play in and enjoy. The snow is very clean because as it hits the floor it evaporates onto the floor. For the students that have never seen snow before you can say that it a pretty great experience. Some students also expressed that, “It really made the day more special right before winter break”.

Valencia High School is known for its festive traditions, and for spreading joy this holiday season. What students enjoy the most about our Valencia traditions is our snow that the ASB elves provide to bring holiday cheer before getting sent off to enjoy their Winter Break. Fellow tigers mentioned that it was “the closest thing to actual snow” and “It really showed off the Christmas Cheer that Valencia is known for.” No matter if it was fake or real snow, it brings the same amount of enjoyment as the rest of our VHS traditions.

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