From Cub to Tiger

By Karem Trindade

Transitioning from a middle school teacher to a high school Assistant Principal is no easy job given the new set of responsibilities and vastly different environment. However, as daunting as it may sound, this is what this year’s new Assistant Principal, Paige Stills, undertook in her shift from a history/AVID teacher at Kraemer middle school to Valencia High School’s new Assistant Principal. 

Although Stills’ experience with students is at an advanced level, she is just like every other freshman on campus — brand new to high school life. And despite the new setting, she is thrilled to be here, remarking “everyone has been so welcoming, the staff, the students.”

What prompted Stills’ transition from teacher to vice-principal was her interest in assisting high school students with the same support she did at Kraemer. There, she helped the administrative staff and encouraged students to become more active in school life. “I enjoy the sense of maturity and time of life where you guys are making important decisions about your post-school years,” said Stills, “rather [than middle school] it is preparing for a technical field in college, or a career.”

As a former cub to tiger, Stills loves reliving the school pride students at Valencia bring and the way it permeates through the school. “You’re bleeding blue and gold,” said Stills. Among her many qualities, Stills cares greatly for all her students, especially as Assistant Principal. She treasures the ideas of school pride, caring for one another, and embodying everything it means to be a tiger. 

Her ability to both grow alongside students and help them throughout their high school life influences her to make decisions based on the needs of the students. “Everything that I do here is to support the students, it’s all for you guys,” said Stills, “It’s really rewarding to see you in this time of your life.”

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