Elective Fair

Valencia High School is held up by a lot of programs and activities offered throughout campus and these activities often cater to our very diverse student population. From after school clubs to sports, there is a lot for students to choose from and classes to fill up their schedule are no different. The list of elective classes is almost impossibly long. From psychology to yearbook, there is an elective for everybody and there’s no better time to find that perfect elective than at the Elective Fair. The Elective Fair was held in the quad and gives the students a chance to get some more information on electives they were thinking of taking from the teachers or currently enrolled students themselves.

Teachers can answer any question a student may have about the course and enrolled students can speak on what it’s actually like to be in the class along with a full schedule of other classes. Although not all electives are represented, many of the larger ones are such as Tiger Tube, theory of knowledge, ASB as well as cheer and comedy sports. Despite not having all electives present, the Elective Fair gives students a chance to learn how at least some of the electives work and lets teachers receive feedback on their classes. Done on a Monday during combined lunch ,the Elective Fair was a huge success and gave the students a little more context for certain electives as well as more concrete thinking going into registration card day and deciding what they want their class schedule to look like next year.

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