Balancing School and Work

By: Ericson Zabat II

Schoolwork becomes rigorous especially with the extra load of a job and the duties that come with it.  Extra precautions and preparation must be taken in order to become successful in both work and school. However, with careful planning and dedication, this task can become an easier feat. 

Oftentimes, especially with jobs that occur later in the evening, hours of sleep are lost resulting in worse health which can also cause problems in school later on.  Some problems, such as having an exacerbated attention span, and lower grades are only a small part of the sequelae caused by loss of sleep and the overall time lost due to working hours added on top of school work. 

Scheduling then becomes a priority to the organization of day to day life.  People must decide their work hours with their boss, before fully committing to the schedule in order to make sure there is enough time for both sides of the agreement.  Both the school and work hours must be able to work together rather than combat one against another in order to achieve the best possible outcome for both aspects. Also, schoolwork should be done as early as possible and must be able to be done within a fitting time range so the student may be able to get as much sleep as possible. 

Most students take loans, which results in debt and financial problems that are caused at the near end of their time in education.  However, in order to reduce this cost, students often opt for an additional job that adds on to the trouble but helps ensure an easier future.  The cost of education during college usually ranges from three thousand to thirty thousand depending on whether it’s a two year or four-year college.  

Alternative options such as online school are also available which allows for more flexible hours and a schedule that’s easier to balance.  Since the student won’t have to physically attend school, they can do their school work at any time during the day which easily allows them to meet deadlines.  Another alternative for those prepared could be home school as this allows for the most flexible schedule but is difficult to maintain as a parent must be able to administer the education part.  However, homeschool enables the student to finish their work easily as there are no set due dates.

As it’s evident balancing school and work is a feat that is hard to accomplish and has its risks but with extra preparation through scheduling it can be broken down easily.  Also, alternatives are readily available at any time, as long as those involved are prepared and understand the pros and cons.

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