The Grows and Glows of a Digital Classroom

By: Ericson Zabat II

Covid 19 or the Corona Virus, was a pandemic that spread across globally and began to shut down schools and many other institutions.  Because of this pandemic many people have had the companies they work for shut down causing them to be unemployed temporarily. Similarly, students at Valencia have experienced that the amount of work they have to complete changed as well.

Some people state that the work from home “is a way less stressful method”, like Nicholas Triniadade, who is a student at Valencia.  Since he is “able to decide”, as he stated, when to do his work it creates a less stressful method. This stress relief also allows more students to be able to complete their assignments.

However on the opposite hand, Brandon Wattier, another student at Valencia, states that “The coronavirus quarantine gives AP students more stress.”  His opinion is supported by the fact that most AP tests have changed this year. 

The Corona Virus quarantine has caused AP students to adapt to the new AP test rather than the ones they thought they were studying for.  For example, the AP Euro test will consist of three short answer questions rather than the normal test which consisted of a variety of tests. Although the test is only forty-five minutes and therefore shorter, it is a little off putting due to the fact the students must begin reviewing different parts of the material.

Also, according to Wattier’s opinion, “teachers have been assigning more work to do.”  He feels this way due to the stress created by the AP teachers, since they have been given less time to teach the AP students the material to succeed on the AP tests.  The time frame would usually have consisted of a much longer spectrum ranging from November to May, but in reality it is close to being half, due to the fact that the teachers currently are only able to meet with their students about two days a week.

On other hand, Trinidade stated that he “believe[s] that we have more time to finish our assignments.”  He believes that this is very beneficial as a lot of students are now able to complete daily tasks while being able to complete their assignments.  However, the online factor of school, as Trinidade states “[makes] it easy to cheat.”

Since students are not monitored by their teachers it does allow for cheating or assistance from other internet and person-to-person sources.  During tests, some teachers have begun to use a lockdown browser in order to ensure that students are unable to open other tabs that may give them an unfair advantage.  Also, other procedures alike eye-trackers have also been used to help monitor students.

Even though these programs have been used to help deter students from cheating.  According to Wattier, “there are ways around it.” In reality, students should uphold integrity in order to allow the system their teacher has chosen to work.  Since the Corona Virus has created a lot of changes, students may have to make alterations in time management and how they process the materials. 

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