Should We Schedule?

By: Woohyun (Joshua) Song

The quarantine has destroyed any semblance of structure to the lives of many people as many businesses, public facilities, and social interaction shut down. This has made it quite difficult for many to keep track of time, causing a fair amount of people to spend hours, days, or even weeks in a minimally productive state. Even when one mentally recognizes that this is an issue and desires to remedy these issues, it is often quite challenging to take the first step into becoming more productive. People often fail to realize that one of the easiest solutions is to begin scheduling out their day. One of the easiest and most effective ways to take this first step is to start scheduling out one’s life. 

Scheduling is something that many people are aware of but don’t utilize to its fullest potential. A schedule can great;y increase efficiency and clarity to those who feel overwhelmed with their busy schedules. Many businesses and organizations have extensive uses of schedules because of this as well. 

I would say that the main benefit of scheduling comes from the incredible amount of clarity that one can obtain from writing things down and seeing what is coming up. The fact that one has to write things down in a certain order also forces one to set up priorities and  clearly work out what their goal is. By setting up these clear priorities and goals, one could get the more important tasks accomplished first, and then the less important tasks later. A list would also help the user minimize missing important deadlines or checkpoints during their work, especially for longer projects. This also allows for one to distribute tasks in a way to best conserve one’s energy and to produce the most effective end results. By choosing the tasks that most closely align with one’s objectives, it becomes significantly easier to manage one’s time and stress levels, and eventually free up significant chunks of time in one’s schedule. 

Within the modern era, more options for scheduling have become available to the general public such as the standard calendar, a planner, or even digital services such as Google Calendar. Personally, I like to use Google Calendar to plan out my week as it  easily synchronizes with my different devices, making it easy for me to see what is next on my agenda without too much hassle. Some people, however, prefer the tangible nature of physical pen and paper in the form of a planner or even a basic calendar, even if it is less versatile. The school also offers planners every year to students so that they can effectively plan out their school lives and academics. A fair amount of students at school can often be seen using either these planners or their own personal ones to write things such as school assignments or even personal plans within their planners. 

The effectiveness of planners combined with their versatility makes planners a great option for anyone looking to boost their productivity and perhaps put their life back into a more structured form.

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