Vegetarian Cooking: Veggie Burrito

By: Snehal Shinh 

Being vegetarian can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to turn popular meals that aren’t very vegetarian friendly into something that is. So, for this week here’s something both easy and delicious to make: burritos. 


  1. Flour tortillas or corn tortillas
  2. Vegetarian refried beans  
  3. 1 Packet of taco spices & seasoning mix (I use LAWRY’S)
  4. Shredded cheddar jack cheese  
  5. ½ an onion
  6. Green bell peppers
  7. Tomatoes 
  8. Shredded lettuce 

Preparation (5 to 10 minutes): 

Preparation is quick and simple.

After washing your fresh vegetables, chop and dice the onion, green bell peppers, and tomatoes. The onion and bell peppers will add to the texture of the burritos as they have a flavorful crunch. The tomatoes can create either a sweet or tangy splash that makes the burritos so savory. 

To prepare the beans, use a small pan and set the stove on medium to high heat. Before mixing the seasoning with the beans, use a little water to soften the texture of the beans. Not only does the water thin the beans, it makes it easier for the seasoning to be mixed thoroughly. 

The tortillas are incredibly fast to get ready as all you need to do heat up the tortillas with the stove on low heat. By heating it up slightly, the tortilla becomes softer, making folding the burrito will be much easier.

Once you’ve finished this, you’re ready to assemble your burritos. 

Assembling (5 minutes)

Assembling the burrito is easy, and the fun part (or at least it is for me). Lay the tortilla flat and  spread the beans onto the bottom half of the tortilla, you can spread as much as you like, I normally use a little more than a spoon. Now you can spread the vegetables and shredded lettuce over the beans, this can be as little as a sprinkle or as much as a handful. Finally, you can throw your cheese on top. Again, with all ingredients, you can put as much or as little as you want. 

Now the fun part, folding the burrito. Simply make two folds on one of the sides, then the top and bottom and roll the other side. This ensures that nothing can spill out when eating. Place the burrito back into the pan used to heat the tortilla, you can use a small amount of cooking oil to grill the burrito but you don’t need to. Occasionally flip the burrito to ensure that the cheese is melted. And just like that, you’ve crafted a vegetarian burrito.

Food Review

The seasoned beans create a savory flavor that contrasts with the tortilla in just the right ways. When grilled, the tortilla contrasts beyond flavor through texture.  Similarly, the crunchy vegetables and lettuce stand out against the smooth texture of the beans. The tomatoes are juicy and join the beans to create the perfect harmony   of texture. You can fully enjoy your creation with a side of tortilla chips and guacamole and/or salsa. To make your burrito a little more fun and messy with textures you can crunch up tortilla chips and put them into your burrito. It’s as if you’re eating a crunch wrap!  Dousing your burrito in hot sauce gives you a roundhouse kick to your taste buds or if you are not able to handle a large amount of hot sauce, even a small amount is enjoyable and elevates their taste. 

Personally I believe that the seasoning along with the vegetables creates such a savory flavor that just thinking about it makes my mouth water. The flavors truly rival that of Taco Bell’s or any other burrito chain.

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