Transfering Schools During A Pandemic -OpEd

By: Chloe Bruno

Moving to a different school during a pandemic can be a strange experience. COVID-19 still hasn’t died down and the cases are still high which caused the decision of PYLUSD to be to continue with the virtual learning for the beginning of school for the safety of the staff and students in the community. Starting classes virtually at Valencia is strange and out of the norm but now being a new student and not knowing anyone can be really discomforting and strange. Being a senior that recently transferred to Valencia can be scary too but, so far I’ve been greeted and welcomed by the staff and students, reassuring me and making me feel secure. However there are also many concerns that can go through one’s mind during a time like this.

Making new friends can be a struggle as a new student already but now that it is virtually on zoom it can be even harder to introduce yourself because there is really no time to talk with fellow classmates. There is no time to socialize with classmates because there is only time for learning because we lose 55 minutes of each class a week. The only way I could introduce myself and meet new people was in the zoom breakout rooms but even that is hard because it’s mostly just discussions about assignments and work. Most of my teachers, on the first day or even the second day of school, gave us a chance to introduce ourselves but although I get to know my classmates’ names and their favorite hobbies, I don’t really get to talk to them because there’s really not a time and place for it. But reaching out and following Valencia’s Instagram account helped me see what the student life is like. I already made some friends from the wrestling team at Valencia and reached out to some students from my classes and introduced myself. They’ve all been very friendly and helpful if I have any questions about school or anything in general. I just have to put myself out there.

The teachers at Valencia High School so far have all been supporting and understanding. They have been doing an amazing job with teaching virtually. Through these difficult and frustrating times it can be hard to adapt to learning virtually.  I’ve been learning a lot and if I struggle with something I know I can always reach out to them and ask them for help. They have not just been helpful teaching me about the course but with technology too, teaching me and my fellow classmates tips and tricks to help me learn better and use my time more efficiently.  They have been very helpful so far to help guide me through to graduation. The counselors at Valencia have been very helpful too with helping through the ins and out of school here. They first helped me set up my school schedule to best fit what I need to do to graduate and will help me get into college. 

Valencia overall, I love it so far and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year. I was very nervous about what was about to come but now I’m excited because everyone is so nice here. So far I’ve been welcomed here by the counselors, students, teachers, and coaches. The teachers were nice and welcoming and the students are very bright and have a diverse community. I’ve met a small percentage of students from Valencia and I know there’s a lot more to meet and I’m excited because everyone so far is very interesting.

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