Among Us – Game review

By: Young Kim 

A new game has taken the world by a storm and it features playing as little people with no arms. Within the past month, people have filled up the servers of the game Among Us all over the world showing the overnight sensation it has become. With the boom in streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube, Among Us has topped the charts in viewership. In addition, the game is free on mobile devices while being a mere five dollars to play on computers. So exactly what do players do? 

A game consists of 4 to 10 crewmates tasked with finding the imposter, a parasitic space alien, before the imposter or imposters, depending on the match, kill everyone in the crew. Similar to mafia, crewmates must deduce who the imposters are while maintaining the tasks they are assigned. If the crewmates are able to complete all their tasks before the imposters are able to kill them, the crewmates win. However, if all the crewmates are killed, the imposters win. In order to prevent tasks from being accomplished, the imposters are also given the ability to sabotage, which when used, makes the crewmates scramble to fix the ship instead of doing their tasks. For example, imposters can sabotage the lights task making it harder for players to see their surroundings until someone goes to fix them. During this time of darkness, imposters would most likely take the opportunity to pick off players. Sabotage can also lead to imposters winning the match if the crewmates don’t fix it in time. Imposters also have the ability to travel around the map through vents placed in specific areas. Since it is an ability only imposters have, if they are caught using the vents crewmates can instantly pinpoint who the fake member is. If a player stumbles upon a dead body, it can be reported and there is a meeting where crewmates take the time to deduce who the imposters could be and decide whether to vote someone off or skip the voting session. As an imposter, it is important to create a believable alibi in order to prevent suspicion. 

During this discussion period, friendships have been tested. Players must get used to the prospect of being lied to and be able to distinguish between the two. During a time of social distancing, being able to play a game with a key focus on communication makes it an enticing game for friend groups all over the world. 

The surprising point about Among Us is that it has actually been around for two years prior to its popularity. As stated earlier, the impact of streamers have added to the popularity of the game. With some of the biggest creators coming together to play such as PewDiePie, jacksepticeye, and DisguisedToast, fans of these content creators only want to play more. 

Among Us is a key representation of human doubt. While friend groups understand that lying is an integral part of the gameplay, players may discover new sides to close friendships. The game has done a spectacular job of integrating many different features making every new game never feel repetitive. The controls on mobile may be less smooth than playing on the computer, but that is to be expected with mobile games. Overall Among Us deserves a 10/10 as long as content is updated to bring even more new aspects to the game.

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