Movie Review: I am Mother

By: Chloe Bruno

I am Mother, a Netflix original, will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you questioning what’s going to happen next. The movie is a sci-fi/ thriller based on earth that has an apocalyptic feel. It’s about a Robot named Mother raising a human daughter, named Daughter, to help repopulate the earth and making and teaching her to be a superhuman. But through the daughter’s teenage years she starts to question Mother and learns what the truth is about her and the world outside.

The movie itself is very interesting because it leaves the viewers with anticipation since after each scene it leads to something you don’t expect. The Mother’s purpose in the beginning of the movie is to hatch the embryos she has to breed them into superhumans and the daughter is experimenting with raising a human. The Mother gives you an eerie feeling throughout the movie because her intentions don’t feel quite right. But towards the end of the movie the viewer will start to understand the true intentions of the Mother and the purpose of all the characters. Throughout the movie there’s many clues to reach back into history and religion. The movie is well based into the future, featuring television shows and books from the 21st century. The small details in the movie all connect to a bigger connection in history.

The movie was very well filmed and produced. It was directed by William Lloyld Green and produced by Kelvin Muruno and Timothy White. There’s a lot of details to cover for sci-fi movies and they did a good job with the robot and the set. The set it took place in looked cohesive and realistic. Even the outside looked realistic with all the farmland. The actor that played the daughter, Clara Ruugard-Larsen did a great job transitioning her emotions in the movie and becoming her own person. She went through a major character development and learned what is right. She had to go through a lot of emotions to realize the truth and Ruugard-Larsen did a good job making it seem real to the point where viewers can feel the emotions through the screen. The Mother, a robot, is played by two actors, Luke Hawker and Rose Byrne. It can be difficult to film a robot as an actor but they pulled it off by showing the Mother in many different stages, showing human-like behaviors and giving off emotions. The Mother leads to a lot of anticipation as you don’t know what she’s going to do next. Throughout the movie the Mother can be very manipulative to the daughter and it’s believable because she’s a robot which makes it difficult to discern her emotions, if she has any. The Mother many times throughout the movie tries to be human, showing emotions or even cracking a joke even though it doesn’t come out right and she knows it.

The cover and the title are very intriguing and the content makes it a good recommendation for anyone looking for the next movie to watch, especially if they’re sci-fi fans. It’s definitely one to pay attention to because the small details in the movie make it even more interesting. The actors did an amazing job in their roles. Everything fit well together and in some parts there are well delivered spooks that would cause anyone to jump. It’s definitely a movie one can talk about with friends and refer back to it for inside jokes. Some parts of the movie are even bittersweet since the actors do so well at making the viewers attached to them.

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