Celebrities and Politics

By: Amy Morrison

In a world filled with a need for entertainment, celebrities play an impactful role in many lives. People look up to these idols and follow them on all their social medias, such as Instagram and Twitter, just so they can interact with their favorite actor, author, or musician in any form. While celebrities are placed on a pedestal as a higher being, they have proved that they are humans with personal opinions on varieties of subjects. In an immensely politically charged year with the presidential election coming up in November, celebrities have begun or continued to establish their positions regarding the two presidential candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden and current president Donald Trump. 

With so many outlets and platforms to express their opinions, many celebrities have voiced their thoughts about either candidate and the type of people who support the candidate they do not agree with. Collectively, many celebrities, like Dave Bautista, Alec Baldwin and Stephen Colbert, who support Joe Biden have spoken out against President Trump and his supporters, telling their fans that if they are voting for Donald Trump they don’t want their support. On the other hand, a cursory research on the internet has shown that the opposite is not as prominent within mainstream media. Overwhelmingly, the most popular news seems to be centered around celebrities speaking out against Donald Trump, especially after the heated first presidential debate. 

With the large following celebrities have, they are some of the most influential people to be seen talking about politics.  According to Just the News, celebrities like Eminem, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Kimmel expressed their opinions for the sake of having the ability to do so. The three men stated that they did not wish to have the support of people who did not believe in the things they did, which have been proved to impact their business in a negative manner. 

Just the News refers back to 2003 when the very popular country music band The Dixie Chicks said at a concert in London that they “were ashamed [George W Bush] came from Texas” with backlash including old fans burning The Dixie Chicks’ CDs. However, this reaction is not surprising as Just the News also reports that around half the audience tend to not agree with political opinions of their favorite celebrities. Despite the risks, celebrities seem to understand the consequences and continue  to speak their mind. One example being Jack Black who was asked a few years back if he feared career repercussions for supporting Barack Obama. Black’s response was “You do the things you think are right and let the chips fall where they may.” 

Now all of this is assuming that other people care what celebrities’ political opinions are in the first place. According to Forbes, 65% of participants in a 2019 survey conducted by The Hill said that celebrity political endorsements have no effect on their political leaning whatsoever. In fact, 24% of the people said that they were less likely to vote for the candidate the celebrity was endorsing. This is, however, assuming that celebrities share their opinions to sway voters which Forbes admits may not be the sole reason celebrities voice their thoughts publicly. 

There are obviously many reasons as to why celebrities voice their opinion and it does well to remember, especially in very tense times like these, that they are all human as well. In the end it comes down to every individual’s beliefs, not the beliefs of their favorite celebrity.

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