Stores Reopening

By: Chloe Bruno

As Covid-19 cases are starting to decrease in Orange County, stores are finally opening back up again, with some precautions of course. There were many phases of the stores reopening. The first phase was you could operate the store if it was outdoors. So many malls and stores put all their products outside in the parking lot and customers could shop outdoors. The next phase, the current phase right now, is that businesses are able to have customers indoors but only have a limited amount of customers inside. Stores must also enforce the 6 feet distance rule and face masks must be worn. Many stores are also doing temperature checks when you enter the store. It’s now pretty common for some to close earlier to sanitize the store.

Pacifc City in Huntington Beach is an example of how stores are taking precautions for covid-19. Many of the stores, for example Urban Outfitters, had a limited number of customers in the stores and there was a line outside for customers to wait to enter. At the entrance of Urban Outfitters you are greeted by an employee telling you if you can come inside and there was a table with hand sanitizer and disposable face masks for customers that forgot one as it is mandatory to wear a mask inside the store. Inside Urban Outfitters, where the sunglasses were, if a customer wanted to try one on they could and then if they didn’t want to purchase it there was a bin for already worn sunglasses so the employees could sanitize it and put it back on display. Throughout the store there were arrows on the ground so customers didn’t cross paths. There were also signs throughout the store stating to customers to stay 6 feet apart from each other. Although all these precautions are placed many employees may not enforce some of them for example the 6 feet rule but may enforce the face mask rule but won’t be very strict about it. 

Other stores at Pacifc City, for example Lush Cosmetics, are more cautious because it is a cosmetic store and they used to have samples out but not anymore. Since it’s a very small store very limited customers could come in. The employee in the front makes a run down of all precautions they are taking including taking the customers temperature and making the customer wash their hands or using hand sanitizer before shopping. The employee also made it very clear to the customers before entering to wear the face masks properly over your nose and you cannot pull down the face masks to smell the products. Lush Cosmetics closed their doors 30 minutes before what it said to clean the store but customers can still window shop if they know what they want. The employees at Lush Cosmetics were far more serious about enforcing the rules.

Even essential stores like Walmart that have been open are going to their next phases in opening. This phase consisted of removing some of the store precautions for example tracking how many customers come into the store and they removed the stickers on the floor guiding the direction of the aisle they go. However they are still enforcing the face masks rule and if a customer doesn’t want to wear a face mask they can do curbside pick up.

Although stores are opening up again they’ll need to have these precautions to ensure the safety of the employees and customers. These precautions will continue if the cases of Covid-19 continue but once the cases decrease stores will continue to open back up again and slowly go back to normal.

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