Reducing Carbon Footprint

By:Chloe Bruno

A large carbon footprint can spur the rate of climate change. A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere from the combustion of fossil fuels. This is a big deal because climate change affects the glaciers melting causing rising sea levels and strange weather patterns. There’s not much one regular person can do to take away the carbon footprint however an individual can start tracking and reducing their personal carbon footprint.

The strange weather patterns in the United States is the result of climate change. California is experiencing heat waves and the east is experiencing snow storms. During fall it’s strange to have weathers over 100 degrees and weather that’s cold and wet. This also impacts the ocean currents, the temperature of water which forces fishes to swim to cooler climates, and can make the water more acidic. The impacts of this can be really damaging to the environment in many ways. Although mankind cannot reverse this, they can slow it down.

There are many ways an individual can reduce their carbon footprint. There are many easy ways to do so just in one’s house. People can save energy by turning off things they don’t need like lights, water, the heater, and the air conditioner. Another way to cut down one’s carbon footprint is using one’s car less or even just taking care of the car more. An easy alternative than using a car is to ride a bike, walk to places or even use public transportation. There are also some easy things people can replace to help, for example switch to reusable bags rather than plastic bags and reusable water bottles rather than plastic bottles. 

As these climate changes get worse there are more inventions coming out to help cut down the amount of plastic the human race uses. Although they are more expensive at first, one can use them for much longer. Another way to cut down one’s carbon footprint is to cut down on the things they buy. For example when buying food at the grocery store, buy exactly the things needed or eat all the food before it spoils so one doesn’t produce waste. That also goes with don’t shop fast fashion. Buying clothes that are trendy and cheap can be very damaging overall. Instead try buying recycled clothes or 2nd hand clothes. There are easy ways to remember to help reduce one’s carbon footprint by remembering reduce, reuse and recycle.

Another way to help reduce carbon footprint is to educate others and how their carbon footprint is impacting their lifestyle whether they see it or not. Educating them on the impacts of how to reduce carbon footprint and how to track their carbon footprint. Big industries are starting to adopt this lifestyle by using recyclable materials or even recycled materials. For example, big brand names like Nike and Adidas are making shoes out of recycled products. Some other companies are using more sustainable packaging, for example packing peanuts that dissolve in water or even using paper products that are easier to recycle. 

Taking action on tracking and reducing one’s own carbon footprint can make a big difference for the earth everyone lives on. If action is not taken climate change will change the earth and it will slowly deteriorate. There will be strange occurrences of nature if climate change continues to get worse.  So reducing, reusing and recycling daily things will make a difference if everyone follows along. However, that takes action from our leaders to educate others on how to change their life habits.

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