Fun Halloween Baking Recipes

By: Inso Park 

With Halloween coming up, veteran trick or treaters are scrambling to find replacement activities. Many are turning to their kitchens in order to bake up Halloween treats that are sure to replace the need for candy. If individuals are into simple baking, then these recipes are a perfect place to start. The three recipes that are listed below are easy to make and do not even take time away from a night full of horror. These recipes also only require a handful of ingredients, are very cost friendly, and consist of either household staples or can be found at any local grocery store. 

Jack Skellington oreos are perfect for fans of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. This recipe requires oreos, paper sticks, chocolate, coconut oil, and an icing pen. First, take the desired amount oreos wanted out of their packaging and set them aside. Then place a stick through the middle of the oreo icing to create a handle for the oreos. Next, take any chocolate desired and mix it with a spoonful of coconut oil. After thoroughly mixing the chocolate with the coconut oil, melt it in a bowl and set it aside. Take the oreos on a stick and dip it in the chocolate on both sides. Repeat the dipping process until all oreos are thoroughly coated and place them on a baking sheet. Leave the baking sheet in the fridge to cool and once chilled, proceed decorating them. This recipe is terrific because it does not require that many ingredients and is a quick and fun baking activity!

Monster cookies are super simple to make and only require two ingredients. The simplest version of the recipe, the one that is written here, only requires cookie dough and monster sprinkles. First take the cookie dough and divide it into the desired amount. Keep in mind that while baking, the dough will expand and the cookies will end up being around twice the size of the portioned dough. Then roll the cookie dough into balls and roll one side in the sprinkles. Proceed by placing the dipped dough on a baking tray and placing the tray in the oven at around 350 degrees. Baking the cookies is all up to individual taste depending on how soft or crunchy they want the cookies to be. Softer cookies take less time to cook and harder ones require more time in the oven. 

Mummy dogs are another simple recipe that only requires a couple of ingredients. These serve as the perfect snack for a Halloween movie night with the family. The ingredients are sausages, cheese, croissant dough, and a dressing of your choice. First set aside the sausage and take the croissant dough and cheese out of their packaging. Take the croissant dough and separate them along the perforated lines. Cut the croissant dough and cheese into horizontal pieces. Place a piece of cheese on the hot dog and take a piece of croissant dough and wrap it all around the sausage. Something to keep in mind is, while wrapping the sausage around, make sure to leave a little bit of room towards the top for the eyes. Bake these in the oven on a baking sheet at 375 degrees for 13-17 minutes, however long they take to become crispy brown. Once the sausages are out of the oven,  place the dressing in the open spaces for mummy eyes!

While Halloween may be indoors this year, this does not inhibit people from having a great night.

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