TikTok Star Collabs with Oceanspray

By:Chloe Bruno

A TikTok star has taken over the media with his immaculate vibes. Nathan Apodaca, also known as 420dogface208, is a 37 years old living Idaho Falls, Idaho. DogFace’s car broke down when he needed to go to work so he used the long board that he always keeps with him for emergencies to get there instead. On the way to his work he went down a hill and decided to capture himself cruising down the hill drinking cranberry juice from OceanSpray while lip syncing to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. This went viral and as of October 15 has over 54 million views and over 9 million likes on TikTok. DogFace has been notorious for posting similar content with good vibes. It’s not the first time his post has gone viral however this time it did get recognized in mainstream media.

The ceo of OceanSpray, Tom Hayes, decided to hop on the trend and made a video of himself cruising down a hill while drinking OceanSpray Cranberry Juice while lip syncing Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. This made a spike in sales for OceanSpray because it made everyone appreciate their good vibes and relatability. Employees at OceanSpray also made similar posts, working at their farm drinking their product while listening to Fleetwood Mac. There have been multiple employees doing various activities listening to Fleetwood Mac and posting the videos on TikTok. OceanSpray decided to gift DogFace a brand new truck with various products of theirs in Idaho where he lives. OceanSpray has also made an advertisement that features all the people that participated in the trend.

This has brought so much attention that the drummer of Fleetwood Mac, Mike Fleetwood, jumped on a board and cruised down on a hill drinking cranberry juice while lip syncing to Dreams. It also brought the singer and songwriter of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, to post her own video singing along to Dreams with an OceanSpray bottle in the back. With all of this happening it brought Dreams to number 2 on the charts for music. The song was released in 1977 and has now emerged back on the charts 43 years later as well as receiving an increase in streams and digital downloads. 

Big celebrities, for example Dr. Phil and Shakira, have also jumped on the trend. Dr. Phil rode in his golf cart at the studio where he films and had someone record him drinking Ocean Spray while singing along to Dreams. He has also been featured on many mainstream platforms. This has been trending on TikTok since the end of September and DogFace recreates it with his friends and family. This went viral as his good vibes are needed for the current situation the world is in right now. It lightened everyone’s mood and brought back an iconic song for the older generation.

DogFace after all of this is very grateful for what has happened to him. His video has brought many smiles to anyone that has watched any of his content. DogFace continues to provide TikTok with good vibes and has many future plans, for example releasing some merchandise of his own. The merch is an image of him drinking cranberry juice. He also has released multiple videos thanking everyone for all the blessings that he’s been receiving. DogFace also plans to collaborate with other brands. He has already collaborated with many companies filming commercials for gas stations. Dogface continues to provide content for the world to showcase his good vibes and continues to bring revenue to OceanSpray and Fleetwood Mac and many other companies. But most importantly he brought people together after all the hard times everyone has been going through since the pandemic.

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