Top 5 Chefs

By Snehal Shinh

For the foodies that want to expand on their tastes, here are the top 5 chefs. Each comes from unique backgrounds that are passionate in the culinary arts and can be found on social media (such as Instagram) and/or YouTube.

  1. Sanjeev Kapoor

One of the most well known chefs in India is Sanjeev Kapoor. Kapoor is insanely successful with a TV channel known as FoodFood and has hosted a cooking show titled Khanna Khazana for over 17 years. Not to mention the 150 best selling cookbooks he has written and the numerous culinary awards he has won. While many of his recipes are from the Indian culture, he doesn’t limit himself with just Indian cuisine. His website features many recipes from around the world. His recipes range from main courses to desserts, snacks, and drinks. What is amazing about his website is how easy it is to navigate as everything has been categorised (such as his Top 21 Recipes Of The Day or Most Viewed Recipes) and how many of his recipes translated into Hindi. His website is and his YouTube channel can be found at

  1.  Ranveer Brar

Chef Ranveer Brar is a successful Indian celebrity chef who has been on a series of TV shows and has written a book titled: Come Into My Kitchen. Many of his recipes come from all over India, such as Punjab or Mumbai, which allows those that watch or read his recipes to expose and immerse themselves in the cuisine. On his YouTube channel Chef Ranveer makes many Indian dishes that may seem complicated, simple, and fun. Additionally, his website includes many more recipes, even drinks and a recipe of the week, that are simple to make; these can all be found on and his youtube channel is at

  1. Derek and Chad Sarno 

 For those who are vegetarian or vegan, these plant based brothers have large success in the vegan industry. Derek and Chad Sarno are co-founders of the Wicked Healthy brand and at the same time, they co-wrote a book titled The Wicked Healthy Cookbook. The Sarnos have worked with huge industries such as Whole Foods and have an online cooking school on Rouxbe. These brothers have worked hard to create vegan food enjoyable and easy to make at home. Their website is easy to navigate and includes a huge variety of vegan meals, snacks, and desserts that are easy to make. Not only are many of these recipes and videos catered to a wide audience, they create cooking videos for kids. The Sarno brothers’ website can be reached on and they include their YouTube videos under “Classes” and most recipes.    

  1.  Dennis Prescot

Dennis Prescot is a Canadian chef and cookbook author, who interestingly enough had started as a struggling musician learning to cook through Jamie Oliver cookbooks. Of course this led him to find a passion for cooking and the rest is practically history. As he grew as a chef, he began working with many restaurants 

His skill led to him landing a role in Restaurants on the Edge. Many recipes on Prescot’s website include anecdotes which add a personal touch and allows his audience to feel more connected to him or gain more insight of him as a chef. His website can be reached at and includes links to his various social media accounts.

  1.   Adam Glick 

Last but not least is Adam Glick, a chef who had dropped out of university after two years to pursue a career in the culinary arts. His dedication to his craft led to him becoming a private chef on many yachts. His work as a private yacht chef was a gateway to television. Glick made an appearance on Cutthroat Kitchen and the show Below Deck. With a growing number of views, Adam Glick easily made it big as a chef. Besides his appearances on TV, Glick made many videos on the side for inspiring chefs, encouraging them to get inspired and and always be learning. His YouTube can be found at and his Instagram is @chefadamglick.  

All 5 of these chefs bring amazing things for everyone to the table. When looking for new things to try or just something interesting to watch at the least, these chefs should definitely be among first picks.

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