Start of Softball Season

By: Amy Morrison

According to the New York Times Coronavirus Tracker for Orange County, the number of COVID-19 cases have started to decline; many sports teams have been left waiting for the announcement of a regular season to return. For the softball team, that day came on March 23 when the Valencia Varsity softball team had their first game of the season. 

On Tuesday, March 23 the team played Anaheim High School. The team started off taking the lead in the second and third innings, scoring two runs. Despite the efforts of the Valencia players, Anaheim tied the game at the end of the third inning and took the lead in the fifth inning with two more runs. Valencia was not able to come back and the final score was 2-4. Although the team lost, it was still a respectable start to the softball season. 

The team’s synergy had an unbalanced start to the year with the addition of two new coaches and implementation of COVID-19 restrictions. Contrary to what the results of the first two games may imply, the new varsity coach, Jessica Lampton, has been met with enthusiasm from the parents and the players. 

When asked about the first week of softball season, Coach Lampton quoted, “The beginning of this season has been full of insight and trials. I feel like we have made great strides as a team and am looking forward to seeing where this team goes during league play. The girls are bonding and working well with each other. The chemistry is key to creating and building a strong program in the years to come. I’m excited to see where the girls go this season.”

Senior Olivia Lee, the starting first baseman for the team, is in agreement with Coach Lampton about the results of the first week and what it symbolizes for the future to come. When responding to questions about what the first game meant for her and her teammates, Lee stated, “While the first two games didn’t go as well as we could have hoped, they were definitely beneficial. We learned a lot about how we work as a team and what we need to work on to play better.”

The Valencia Tigers softball team will continue to play for the next two months, until May 27 when they have their final game.

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