Valencia High School vs Kennedy High School Football Game

By: Chloe Bruno

On March 25, 2021, the Valencia Tigers competed against the Fighting Irish of Kennedy High School in a football game. The game was played at Bradford Stadium, where Frosh/Soph played at 2PM and Varsity played at 7PM. This is the third game of the season and second game of league. The Tigers are playing in the classic blue and gold with the tiger paw on their helmet. 

The Frosh/Soph game against the Fighting Irish started 0-0 in the first quarter. As half time approached, Valencia Tigers made a field goal to get the Tigers 3 points; however, the Fighting Irish got the touchdown leaving the second quarter score at 3-7. By the third quarter no points were scored for the Tigers but the Fighting Irish scored another touchdown and an extra point was rewarded for a successful kick, leaving the third quarter score to be 3-15. In the fourth quarter no points were scored by either of the teams leaving the final score 3-15, and resulting in the Fighting Irish winning the frosh/soph game. 

The varsity game was a long awaited event for the Tigers where in the first quarter both the Tigers and the Fighting Irish scored a touchdown and a field goal, tyng the first quarter score at 7-7. In the second quarter, the Tigers scored two touchdowns and were each followed by a point from a successful field goal. 

During halftime, Valencia’s cheer team cheered on the sideline of the football field transitioning to the third quarter. Into the third quarter, the Tigers scored another touchdown and another field goal, awarding them 7 more points. The Fighting Irish were left short; they scored no points this quarter. By the end of the third quarter, the score was 28-7. The Fighting Irish were able to get a touchdown and a successful field goal gaining them 7 points; however, the Tigers made two touchdowns and made both field goals successfully for a total of 14 points. The Valencia Tigers won the game leaving the final score of the game to be 42-14.

As of March 25 the Empire League record was 1-1 for the Tigers. The Tigers next game will be against the Pacifca Mariners for an away game on April 2nd at 7PM. The JV football team will also be playing against the Pacifca Mariners on April 1st at 3PM in the Bradford Stadium. 

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