Clash of Classes

By: Amy Morrison

Placentia, C.A. (April 23, 2021) – The week of April 19 to the 23, the four grade levels of Valencia High School participated in the “Clash of Classes” competition. The contest, put on annually by the ASB, is used as a way to brew friendly competition between the classes while bringing the student body closer together.

Clash of Classes is a week-long competition among the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors of Valencia where each class strives to have the most points by Friday. There are many opportunities throughout the week for members of each class to add points to their class total. This year, each day of the week was a different dress up day where students wore clothes that adhered to a specific theme. The students that did dress up checked in with ASB representatives during lunch or break so that their points can be added to their class’s. Another way for classes to get points was to participate in games at lunch. Every day at lunch a representative from each class was chosen to participate in a mini game where the winner’s class gets points.

Roman Tijerina, a senior in ASB, gave some insight about what Clash of Classes was like for those that helped set up and run the contest. In regards to ASB’s goal for Clash of Classes this year, Tijerina said “The ASB was really just trying to bring a little bit of normalcy to the school after such a crazy year. Having no assemblies and less activities overall sucks so whatever we can do to connect with students we try to do.” He also stated that there was a lot more participation by the students in Clash of Classes than ASB anticipated.

As for his own opinions about how Clash of Classes went as a whole, Tijerina said “It went great for a pandemic and honestly pretty great regardless. I know the students will be hyped for next year.”

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