National College Decision Day

By: Vivian Wang

PLACENTIA, CA – Each year, May 1st is the official day for high school seniors to commit to colleges across the United States. For high school seniors planning on attending college, they began their application process in the fall of 2020 and gradually received decisions from their schools. Following these decision notifications, these seniors have had May 1 to officially commit to a college.

National College Decision Day falls on the first day of May each year. On this day, students can utilize hashtags including #NationalCollegeDecisionDay, #DecisionDay, and #DecisionDay2021 when posting on social media. In the weeks leading up to National College Decision Day, these students consider a variety of factors when making their college choice. These factors include financial aid, location, internship opportunities, academic programs, weather, graduation requirements, study abroad opportunities, and campus organizations.

Beyond the typical college decision approach, some individuals may also choose to defer their enrollment on National College Decision Day. This pathway means that if a high school senior originally planned on attending college in the fall of 2021, they can instead postpone their enrollment until fall of 2022. Individuals who choose to pursue this route would have a gap year in which they can engage in opportunities including jobs, internships, personal projects, or study abroad programs.

Some schools such as Stanford University and the Ivy League institutions have postponed their decision deadline so that the deadline is May 3 instead of May 1. These schools have extended the deadline so that students can make a confident decision regarding where they will be studying over the next few years.

At Valencia High School, students and staff have created an opportunity in honor of National College Decision Day. There is a video opportunity for Valencia seniors to participate in an event called Senior Lineup. Tiger Tube — Valencia’s video production class — is organizing this opportunity to celebrate the seniors’ college decisions. Valencia High School’s official Instagram account, @vhstigers, writes, “Tiger Tube wants to hear where you’re headed, seniors! Come share your story with our Senior Lineup.” Students interested in participating in this program can stop by Room 803 during fourth period or afterschool to film themselves in front of the Tiger Tube green screen.

Caroline Ives, a student in the Tiger Tube elective class, clarifies the meaning behind this video opportunity. Ives comments, “The plan is to film a ‘senior lineup’, where seniors introduce themselves and their college of choice, then to cut them all together. It would be similar to those ‘lineups’ Tiger Tube has already done for sports teams.”

In addition to the Senior Lineup video opportunity, the Valencia High School community has also distributed senior lawn signs to graduating seniors. These lawn signs include the seniors’ names on the sign so that they are personalized for each student.

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