What is Link Crew?

By: Young Kim

PLACENTIA,  CA – Every year a new class of freshmen enter into a new campus to begin their highschool.  At Valencia High School, Link Crew, a student leadership program made up of juniors and seniors, is enlisted to help these incoming freshmen adjust to the Valencia community and high school life. 

Link crew members first meet freshmen during the freshmen seminar day, held a week before the first day of school. From here on, Link Crew leaders are tasked with assisting freshmen throughout the year to experience events held at school such as a football game tailgate, movie nights, and cram sessions before finals according to the Valencia High School website. The upperclassmen leaders are also tasked with writing a letter a month to their paired freshmen. Katelyn Chang, a current 11th grade Link Crew member, quoted, “Link crew has been an amazing experience to connect with freshmen. Especially when we can’t meet face to face.” 

Valencia Link Crew applications are open once again and can be found on Valencia High School’s front page. The website states the ideal fit for Link Crew are students who are “outgoing and highly motivated students who will support and connect with younger students at VHSand students who can not make it to events or write letters monthly are discouraged from applying. 

With next Fall looking towards a full return on campus, Link Crew Leaders will be around campus ready to help students adjust to the campus. To those looking to apply to become a Link Crew member that have questions, Mrs. Bonet, Mrs. Seibert, and Ms. Kapetanos are able to answer through the school email. 

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