An Introduction to Assistant Principal Truong

By: Young Kim

PLACENTIA, CA – In light of recent changes within Valencia High School’s administration, the formerly interim Assistant Principal Will Truong was officially appointed the role of Assistant Principal on May 13, 2021. As a former Tiger, having taught biology and chemistry for eight years, Assistant Principal Truong announced his return to Valencia as, “truly a return home for me.”

Prior to working in Valencia’s administration, Assistant Principal Truong worked as the district’s instructional coach for grades 6-12 for two and a half years. Within this role, he would assist teachers and students in incorporating “more phenomena and sensemaking into science classes to create a common experience that all students can build their understanding of science concepts from” through the Next Generation Science Standards program. Assistant Principal Truong also stated the role of educators as having the honor of “being part of the growth and development of young and creative minds.” 

Assistant Principal Truong’s hobbies include spending time with his fiance and five year old dog, Ollie. He states that they would visit parks to chase squirrels with an emphasis on “never hurting them of course.” Other hobbies include staying active to attend new restaurants. 

In his return to the Valencia campus, Assistant Principal Truong recognizes the similarities and changes that occurred over his period of absence. He noted how “Some things are just as I remembered, and some are even better, like the AC in the New Gym!” He also enjoyed seeing familiar faces of students he had once taught now become seniors who are graduating soon, and could not wait for the return of the student body as a whole. 

With his return to the Valencia Campus, Assistant Principal Truong has already adapted into his new role, such as with his role in the organization of the AP (Advanced Placement) testing. In a closing statement, Assistant Principal Truong stated how “It’s a privilege to be back home at Valencia. Congrats to the Class of 2021 for persevering through the year and making the most of the bright spots.”

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