How Assemblies Have Changed

Placentia, C.A – It has been a Valencia tradition to always have an assembly during the fall, winter, and spring. During these assemblies, ASB plans out different performances during these assemblies. Performances consist of ASB hosted activities, student made videos, performances from the dance team, and performances by our cheer team. Before the pandemic, the assemblies were completely handled differently with no masks and how the assemblies were handled. You may or may not see the different changes in how the assemblies at Valencia have changed or are being handled.

 ASB member Perla Magdaleno (11)  says that ASB has changed the ways they plan and handle the assemblies. Magdaleno has said that ASB planning and handling assemblies this year has been a little bit difficult but not too difficult. She has said that when planning these assemblies they have been a little bit difficult because they have to try to make sure they are following the COVID-19 procedure that our districts give out to schools. She says that with these COVID-19 procedures it has been slightly easier for them because they don’t have to make up their own COVID-19 protocols for assemblies, but with these protocols set in it has been a challenge for ASB planning for their activities.  

Magdaleno has said that ASB would brainstorm ideas for different activities they want to have during these assemblies but half of the ideas they would brainstorm would be thrown out because they would interfere with the COVID-19 protocols. An example of an idea they would throw out is group games. Group games are another thing that ASB tries to avoid as it interferes with COVID protocols but all activities ASB would have done before the pandemic were group games before the pandemic. ASB also has to worry about making sure people are wearing their masks during the assemblies. During the assemblies, ASB has people looking for people not wearing masks and reminding them to wear their masks or offering masks if they don’t have them. 

Another thing that  Magdaleno has said is that the amount of people that attend the assemblies has changed meaning before the pandemic there were many people but now with COVID, fewer people show up to these assemblies.  Magdaleno has confirmed one of their ideas they thought about is having Tiger Tube live streaming these assemblies in classrooms for students that do not feel comfortable going to these assemblies. The one problem about live streaming these assemblies is that the streaming feed would unfortunately lag.  Magdaleno has also expressed the challenging task that ASB has to make sure that the assemblies they put on are enjoyable and exciting for students. Lastly, ASB wants to encourage students to attend these assemblies when they feel comfortable attending. Magdaleno says that she is hopeful that ASB will soon be going back to the old days of how they did assemblies as the pandemic starts to die down.

During these tough times, ASB has the challenge of planning and carrying out its assemblies. As the pandemic dies down ASB can now start trying to make assemblies normal.       

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