Travelling for the SAT

By: Inso Park 

The scholastic assessment test (SAT) is a standardized test that is commonly used for college admissions across the United States. The purpose of the test is to measure how ready high school students are for college. Due to the fact that not all high schools offer the same courses and some students are given more opportunities to pursue higher level courses, the SAT negates the different levels of education and provides a fair point of comparison among all applicants. The SAT I is scored out of 1600 and focuses on measuring students’ writing, critical reading, and mathematical levels. Similarly, the SAT II (subject tests), are scored out of 800 and focus on testing one specific subject. SAT subject tests measure the knowledge that a student has regarding a specific subject. There are 20 subjects that students can choose from and they range from advanced levels of science all the way to testing for language fluency.

Ever since the national shutdown on March 13, SAT test dates and test centers have shut down across the nation. Students in high risk states are scrambling to take the standardized tests and are finding that their only option is to travel to another state to take it. In August, around 402,000  high school students were signed up to take the SAT at a location that was either closed or at a limited capacity. This cancellation was troubling news for a lot of students because, depending on the school they are applying to, the latest date that seniors could take the SAT was in either November or December. With the coronavirus showing no signs of stopping, it seems as if a handful of seniors will never be given the opportunity to take the SAT. 

In order for students to find if their testing site has been shut down, students should visit the official College Board site. Many students have opted to take the test on a different date in further locations, while others have simply decided to not take the SAT as a whole. 

In light of recent events, college admissions have adjusted their requirements and application prerequisites. Although most colleges did require an SAT score to apply in the past, many have announced that they are either test optional or even test blind. Important information that the class of 2021 should remember before applying to colleges is checking whether they are test optional or test blind. Test optional indicates that the school will take into consideration the test score; however, it will not affect the student in a negative way if they choose not to take it. Test blind means that the standardized test scores will not be taken into account at all in the admissions process for that school. The UCs recently announced that they would be test blind for the class of 2021 and many prestigious schools such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Yale, have announced that they will be test optional. 

Although many seniors have opted for the option to not take the SAT and submit their applications as test optional, the majority of students are still frantically trying to find and sign up for test dates that haven’t been cancelled and centers that haven’t been shut down to take the SAT. The final decision is left up to the student who is now tasked of deciding if the SAT is worth traveling the distance for.

Movie Review: Enola Holmes

By: Young Kim 

Everyone has heard of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes due to the countless reproductions of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, but even lifetime fans have probably never heard of Enola Holmes. First written in 2006 by Nancy Springer, the Enola Holmes novels follow Enola Holmes, the 14 year old sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. A new production created through a collaboration between Legendary Pictures and PCMA Productions, results in the retelling of the first book of Springer’s rendition of Enola Holmes: The Case of the Missing Marquess. 

The story follows Enola Holmes, played by Millie Bobby Brown, in the year 1884 on her journey to find her mother who had mysteriously disappeared on her 16th birthday. The audience is introduced to old faces such as Sherlock Holmes, played by Henry Cavill, and Mycroft Holmes, played by Sam Claffin, who are called upon at the request of their mother who has entrusted the responsibility of taking care of Enola to them, specifically to Mycroft. While Enola wants to find her mother again, Mycroft, the oldest of the family, believes that she should be sent to a boarding school so she may be educated as a 19th century lady. Despite her brother’s wishes Enola sneaks off with clues given to her by her mother before her disappearance in order to solve the mystery. 

The movie focuses on topics such as the women’s suffrage movement and the beginnings of a progressive thinking generation. While women are constantly looked down upon to be “proper” and “fit” for the societal standards of the time period, the movie attempts to show Enola’s journey of individualism and finding her place in a world dominated by conservative standards created by men. There is also an aspect of a coming of age movie as Enola goes off on her own, surviving purely on the teachings of her mother. The viewers are constantly wondering where this journey will lead Enola and the audience, who are creatively integrated into the storytelling through the breaking of the fourth wall by Enola to narrate her thoughts and deductions. 

Throughout her journey, Enola quickly realizes that life outside of her home with her mother is much scarier than she originally thought. Despite this, she meets Viscount Tewksbury, played by Louis Partridge, who she discovers to share many similarities with her. Their friendship evolves throughout the story as they both succumb to the idea of going against the societal norms placed upon them. The audience is left constantly wondering how their friendship will evolve as their stories become intertwined. 

The overall movie does a decent job of compressing the original novel into a shorter two hour version and incorporates the Sherlock-esque storytelling through Enola’s perspective. The movie takes the viewer on a ride trying to decipher the clues themselves and wondering what these clues may uncover. 

Will Enola Holmes find her mother? Why did her mother leave? How will Enola overcome the societal barriers standing between her and the truth? These are all questions that can only be answered by watching Enola Holmes, available on Netflix.

Celebrities and Politics

By: Amy Morrison

In a world filled with a need for entertainment, celebrities play an impactful role in many lives. People look up to these idols and follow them on all their social medias, such as Instagram and Twitter, just so they can interact with their favorite actor, author, or musician in any form. While celebrities are placed on a pedestal as a higher being, they have proved that they are humans with personal opinions on varieties of subjects. In an immensely politically charged year with the presidential election coming up in November, celebrities have begun or continued to establish their positions regarding the two presidential candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden and current president Donald Trump. 

With so many outlets and platforms to express their opinions, many celebrities have voiced their thoughts about either candidate and the type of people who support the candidate they do not agree with. Collectively, many celebrities, like Dave Bautista, Alec Baldwin and Stephen Colbert, who support Joe Biden have spoken out against President Trump and his supporters, telling their fans that if they are voting for Donald Trump they don’t want their support. On the other hand, a cursory research on the internet has shown that the opposite is not as prominent within mainstream media. Overwhelmingly, the most popular news seems to be centered around celebrities speaking out against Donald Trump, especially after the heated first presidential debate. 

With the large following celebrities have, they are some of the most influential people to be seen talking about politics.  According to Just the News, celebrities like Eminem, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Kimmel expressed their opinions for the sake of having the ability to do so. The three men stated that they did not wish to have the support of people who did not believe in the things they did, which have been proved to impact their business in a negative manner. 

Just the News refers back to 2003 when the very popular country music band The Dixie Chicks said at a concert in London that they “were ashamed [George W Bush] came from Texas” with backlash including old fans burning The Dixie Chicks’ CDs. However, this reaction is not surprising as Just the News also reports that around half the audience tend to not agree with political opinions of their favorite celebrities. Despite the risks, celebrities seem to understand the consequences and continue  to speak their mind. One example being Jack Black who was asked a few years back if he feared career repercussions for supporting Barack Obama. Black’s response was “You do the things you think are right and let the chips fall where they may.” 

Now all of this is assuming that other people care what celebrities’ political opinions are in the first place. According to Forbes, 65% of participants in a 2019 survey conducted by The Hill said that celebrity political endorsements have no effect on their political leaning whatsoever. In fact, 24% of the people said that they were less likely to vote for the candidate the celebrity was endorsing. This is, however, assuming that celebrities share their opinions to sway voters which Forbes admits may not be the sole reason celebrities voice their thoughts publicly. 

There are obviously many reasons as to why celebrities voice their opinion and it does well to remember, especially in very tense times like these, that they are all human as well. In the end it comes down to every individual’s beliefs, not the beliefs of their favorite celebrity.

Voluntourism Versus Volunteerism: Ethical Volunteering

By: Vivian Wang 

Society’s perception of volunteering manifests in the stereotypical image of high schoolers cleaning up trash at the beach or planting vegetables in a community garden. As the concept of volunteerism has evolved over the past decade, many high schoolers have opted in embarking on month-long mission trips in hopes of leaving a lasting impression on a third world country. Coined as the term “voluntourism” for its volunteering and tourism characteristics, voluntourism is one of society’s greatest yet most disguised misconceptions: a form of tourism infused with volunteering in order to aid a specific community.

Common stories of voluntourism trips include mission trips in which high school students pay anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 for a month-long experience in Kenya or another third-world country to build wells for local communities. The volunteer spends thousands of dollars on transportation, accommodations, and meals and concludes the trip with a group photo with the locals.

While many high schoolers see voluntourism as a beneficial and altruistic activity, a majority of those who participate in these trips do not recognize the ethical implications of voluntourism.

The million dollar question: where does the $10,000 payment go? Companies that host volunteer mission trips typically benefit the most from the voluntourism trip as a large portion of the payment lands directly in the pockets of the company rather than the community that that volunteer chooses to serve.

Additionally, mission trips cause the local community to lack self-sufficiency since a constant stream of eager volunteers continue to visit their local communities for a short period of time. With a constant flow of volunteers entering and exiting the community, the locals become reliant on the volunteers and cannot function as efficiently without the support from foreigners. 

After considering the ethical and unethical aspects of voluntourism, many aspiring volunteers turn towards other ways to volunteer effectively and ethically to avoid the pitfalls of voluntourism. These profound social issues are not widely covered in mainstream media; mainstream media idealizes volunteer trips as a form of self-validation and self-affirmation for the individual who completes a volunteer trip to a third-world country.

At Valencia High School, many clubs and student organizations focus on volunteerism rather than voluntourism. Contrary to voluntourism, volunteerism at Valencia High School encompasses meaningful volunteering activities ranging from women empowerment to environmental sustainability. The most prominent student organizations at Valencia High School include Best Buddies, Girl Up, Habitat for Humanity, Operation Smile, and Linens N Love. In each of these student organizations, student board members and volunteers have faced setbacks due to COVID-19 restrictions but they are still working towards creating meaningful volunteering activities. Volunteers in these student-led organizations accumulate volunteer hours that exceed the 40 hours graduation requirement because there is a genuine interest in the communities that they serve and a tangible impact that resonates with the community.

When considering the broad term of “volunteerism”, how can volunteerism become as meaningful as possible? Effective altruism sets high standards for volunteerism as effective altruism calls for volunteers to make rational decisions about how to maximize their impact in a given time period with a set amount of resources. The concept of effective altruism transcends beyond a beach clean up or a community garden; effective altruism prompts volunteers to consider the “why?” of their actions and services and sparks conversation amongst passionate volunteers, with the main focus on considering how to maximize one’s altruism.

Volunteering has become a nuanced topic as the term volunteering has become washed out over the past few years. With the rise of voluntourism, students find it harder and harder to genuinely volunteer as volunteering becomes more and more performative.

iOS 14 Update and Tips

By Snehal Shinh

Apple users have gone crazy over the new iOS update. With iOS 14, many have given their home screen a complete makeover to show off on various social media platforms such as TikTok or Twitter. With this new trend many are aware of the popular features of iOS 14, but there are some features or tricks that are not well known.

Starting with the more known features, the new update allows Apple users to change and rename their apps, which is much simpler than one would think. Using the shortcuts app, select ‘create a new shortcuts’. From here, press ‘add action’ and type ‘open app’. Once this has been done, select an app to change and from there it’s almost done. Press the three dots next to the ‘New Shortcut” and click on the ‘Add to Home Screen”. Change the name to whatever the desired name is and change the icon by pressing the icon box next to the text box. 

Though this feature was available before the new iOS update, the new feature of widgets have brought the aforementioned feature to popularity. With widgets, users can make certain apps or photos larger. Widgets can be found when swiping all the way to the left; here users can find widgets for apps like the calendar and weather. Widgets are a great addition to iOS as they allow users to view app features without having to actually open the app. Widgets are fairly easy to add to the home screen, all that needs to be done is  hold down to edit the home screen and click the plus sign on the top left corner. From there click on the add widget option and it’s done. The app ‘Widgetsmith’ on the app store allows users to create custom widgets, which is great for adding favorite photos to the home screen. The process is the same to add it to the home screen. When adding a new widget, choose Widgetsmith and select the size of the desired widget; once it has created the widget for the app, press on it to select the specific widget that’s been created (a selection box labeled ‘medium #1’,  ‘medium #2’, etc. should appear.)

In addition to widgets, Apple has provided a feature called widget stacks. Stacks are aid in keeping home screens less cluttered. Stacks can be created by simply dragging widgets on top of each over, with a max of ten widgets. In the widget gallery, on the leftmost screen, there is a feature called ‘smart stack’. Smart stack creates a stack of widgets and with the use of user intelligence it shows the right app at the right time. For example, smart stack will show users the calendar widget during the day to stay on track of events. 

As many iphone users may have noticed, phone calls and facetimes now appear as a banner rather than taking up the whole screen. To dismiss the call simply swipe up and to open options swipe down. An interesting feature to facetime is that while going onto other apps a box takes up a corner of the screen continuing the video. This same feature applies to streaming apps such as Twitch, Netflix, Disney +, etc; making multitasking much easier. To move these boxes out of the way swipe to move it offscreen. 

The new update has made some changes to the message app as well. Conversations can now be pinned, allowing for contacts or group chats to remain at the top of the conversation list. This makes certain conversations much easier to access and not lose. This feature, like widget stacks, has a limit of nine pinned conversations; the only difference between the two is that pinned conversations go across message apps on various devices. Online replies and mentions are both new features that serve the purpose of direct messaging within group chats. These features are especially great for larger group chats or replying to a message at a much later time. 

Many may have noticed when swiping the rightmost screen a new page can be seen known as the App Library. The App Library is a space that automatically organizes every app in a way that is most convenient and easy to navigate. This feature organizes apps by feature and includes a search bar to find apps that have been moved from the home screen to the App Library. Along with hiding apps in the App Library, users can even hide home screen pages by holding down to edit the home screen and pressing on the circles at the bottom of the screen. After doing this users can edit pages and select specific pages to not be seen.

 There are many miscellaneous features included with iOS 14. Facetime has a new feature that detects sign language and makes that individual prominent in a group call. Memojis have been given a new update; including new hair styles, head wear, face coverings, and age options. In addition to all these new customization features, memojis now have more expressive stickers. For photographers, the camera app has been given significant updates. Photos can now be taken up to 90% faster, meaning that photos can be taken up to four frames per second. Prioritizing speed, the app can now modify how photos are processed in a way to allow users to take photos much faster without missing anything. Exposure composition control can now be achieved; which locks the exposure composition value for photos and videos for the entirety while allowing for more specific focus to be locked elsewhere. The front facing camera can now be mirrored; to change to a mirrored camara simply find the feature in settings. 

Overall, the new iOS update has brought a lot to the table. With these new features Apple devices are much more customizable while remaining efficient and simple to use. 

Photo Displays at Valencia High School

Joshua Song

Arguably, some of the classes most affected by the quarantine and distance learning are the arts classes. Because art is collaborative by nature, the inability to actively share and critique one another’s works has become a great hindrance to how the class is run. At least one of the teachers at Valencia High School has found out a way to get around this issue: by utilizing Padlet to showcase each others’ art to other people.

Padlet is an online platform that is useful for sharing information in large interactive groups. It is often used by teachers to create short assignments where the students post various responses to a prompt or topic. Various types of things can be uploaded onto Padlet including text, photos, and video. Throughout the quarantine, several teachers have been using Padlet to do assignments that benefit from a degree of collaboration. 

The teacher of focus in today’s article is Mr. Casey Riggs, who teaches photography at Valencia High school. Mr. Riggs usually displays the artworks of his students online in the hallways outside of his classroom so that passerbyers can observe and enjoy the photos that his own students have taken. This aspect of his class has been quite important in Mr. Riggs class, as many of the students within his class enjoy having their own works displayed to the public, and Mr. Riggs himself likes the aspect of showing the school community the great works that his class has done. The beautiful framing and calmness in the photos also provide a nice distraction from the chaos that is the current world. 

A great benefit to doing such displays online instead of in person is that the photos are much more accessible to everyone, even those who do not attend classes in the building where photography is taught. Mr. Riggs first started using Padlet as a tool to show students of different periods of his photography what the other students were exploring with photography. He found this to be a great method of sharing works with other people. Inspired by this, he decided to create a student work Padlet ( with the hope of sharing the work with more people in the school community, including students and staff. The link for the student Padlet was emailed off to the entire staff last week (as of September 24, 2020), with plans to have it periodically updated and sent out throughout the year. 

A cursory look at the contents of the Padlet exposes the many great works that have come out from the students within the class. Many of these pictures seem to exude a friendly and calming emotion to the observer, and do not look like the work of high school amateurs who are taking a photography class. This speaks to the great photography programs and teachers that Valencia High School provides, and hopefully this exposure to students in the school community can attract more and more individuals to the wonderful art of taking photographs.

As the school year goes on, it is expected for this format to be the new way of sharing projects, even as the quarantine and lockdown subsides, as it would allow many more people to see and explore the world of photography while enjoying the works of many fellow students that are currently enrolled in the program.

Senior Sunrise

By: Amy Morrison

When the school transferred to virtual learning at the end of last year, many juniors breathed a sigh of relief thinking “Thank goodness we’re not seniors this year.” But going into the 2020-2021 school year it’s looking like the seniors now may be getting a very similar experience to the class of 2020. Now obviously it’s just a set of unfortunate circumstances and no one’s really at fault. But fear not class of 2021 because the school is trying their best to give the seniors a great last year, which they kicked off with the senior sunrise. 

The senior sunrise took place on Wednesday, September 23 in the parking lot behind the math building. By 6:30 seniors had started to make their way into the parking lot in their cars. All cars were directed to the parking lot and shown right into their spots by ASB and admin spaced around the parking lot. A large screen had been set up so that TigerTube could project a slideshow and livestream to watch at the same time as the sunrise. Every car was given a QR code when they drove in so they could access the projection from their phones as well. Pre packaged donuts were offered as a snack upon arrival for those who wanted some breakfast while watching the sunrise. 

The whole thing, while socially distanced, COVID safe, and organized, was still fun and engaging. The livestream started as a slideshow of pictures of the class of 2021, mostly at school events or dances. It then switched to a live showing of the school’s admins, such as Ms. Yaung, Mr. Louie, and Mrs. Umekubo, and ASB representatives who gave inspiring talks about perseverance in these trying times. There was a fairly large turnout with all of the spots behind the math building taken up, making 30 or so cars present at the sunrise. The event was gradual, as sunrises tend to be, and so it came as a surprise when Mrs. Stouffer told us all the event was over and began to usher the cars out of the parking lot. Although bittersweet, it was undeniable that the sun was up and the senior sunrise was over. 

Despite it being a much different experience than most of the seniors expected it to be, it was fun for most attendees. Eva Bashta stated that while it was short it was “nice to experience with the rest of the seniors.” That seems to be the general consensus from most seniors. Giselle Morales also said that “the senior sunrise was a thoughtful and appreciated experience that Valencia was willing to give us! It was a great feeling like we are still part of this together, despite being virtual as of right now.” 

Giselle makes a good point as to why the senior sunrise was so good for so many. It gave much needed contact with other people, even if it was through the windshields of cars. Contact is what is missing from most students’ lives, especially now when school should physically be in session with the students mingling as they normally do. But from the success of the senior sunrise and the school’s dedication to giving the class of 2021 an amazing year, the seniors can count on a memorable, if a little different, final year at Valencia.

The Passing of RBG

By: Inso Park 

Originally named Joan Ruth Bader, she was born on March 15, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York. Her father was a furrier, a person who buys and sells furs, and her mother worked in a factory that produced garments. Her mother influenced both Ruth and her brother, and taught them to love and value their education. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Bader’s mother passed away from cancer the day before her high school graduation. After high school, Bader went on to Cornell University and graduated at the top of her class as well. Within the next year, Bader met her husband, Martin Ginsburg, and took his last name. She had her first child and took a break from her education to raise her family. Her husband was drafted to the military for two years and once he returned home, she enrolled at Harvard Law. 

Despite already losing her mother to cancer, her husband was soon diagnosed with testicular cancer. Although this all occured while she was in her first year of law school, she managed to take care of her husband while maintaining her position at the top of her class. Ginsburg balanced her motherly duties while facing gender discrimination at school. In a class of 500 people, she was one of 9 women in the class and served as the first female member of the Harvard Law Review. Thankfully, Ginsburg’s husband recovered from his illness and they relocated their family to New York. Following the move, Ginsburg transferred to Columbia Law School and accepted a position at a law firm. She also served on Columbia’s Law Review and graduated at the top of her class there as well. 

Despite her countless accomplishments, she faced constant gender discrimination from her fellow classmates and coworkers. She worked as a clerk for two years before joining the Columbia Project on International Civil Procedure. Shortly after this, she began teaching at Rutgers University before accepting a position at Columbia. She made history by becoming the first female professor to earn tenure at Columbia and also served as the director of the Women’s Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union. Ginsburg advocated for gender equality and brought six cases before the United States Supreme Court. After leading these influential movements, her hard work was officially recognized when Jimmy Carter appointed her to the Court of Appeals. Bill Clinton appointed Ginsburg, 13 years later, as a justice for the Supreme Court. 

To further demonstrate her dedication to her profession, while she was under chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer, recovering from surgery for colon cancer, and grieving her husband’s passing, she never missed a day. Some of her most important cases include: Frontiero v Richardson (1972), Khan v Shevin (1973), Weinberger v Wiesenfeld (1974), Edwards v Healy (1974), Califano v Goldfarb (1976), and Duren v Mississippi (1978). Although she lost her battle to cancer, throughout her life, she proved time and time again that she was resistant and was capable of handling almost anything life threw at her. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RBG, dedicated her life to creating social change and supported progressive lifestyles. She served as a supreme court justice who fought against gender discrimination and fought to unify the liberal block of the court. Ginsburg spent her lifetime fighting against injustices and continued to overcome and achieve any obstacles that came her way.

Movie Review: I am Mother

By: Chloe Bruno

I am Mother, a Netflix original, will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you questioning what’s going to happen next. The movie is a sci-fi/ thriller based on earth that has an apocalyptic feel. It’s about a Robot named Mother raising a human daughter, named Daughter, to help repopulate the earth and making and teaching her to be a superhuman. But through the daughter’s teenage years she starts to question Mother and learns what the truth is about her and the world outside.

The movie itself is very interesting because it leaves the viewers with anticipation since after each scene it leads to something you don’t expect. The Mother’s purpose in the beginning of the movie is to hatch the embryos she has to breed them into superhumans and the daughter is experimenting with raising a human. The Mother gives you an eerie feeling throughout the movie because her intentions don’t feel quite right. But towards the end of the movie the viewer will start to understand the true intentions of the Mother and the purpose of all the characters. Throughout the movie there’s many clues to reach back into history and religion. The movie is well based into the future, featuring television shows and books from the 21st century. The small details in the movie all connect to a bigger connection in history.

The movie was very well filmed and produced. It was directed by William Lloyld Green and produced by Kelvin Muruno and Timothy White. There’s a lot of details to cover for sci-fi movies and they did a good job with the robot and the set. The set it took place in looked cohesive and realistic. Even the outside looked realistic with all the farmland. The actor that played the daughter, Clara Ruugard-Larsen did a great job transitioning her emotions in the movie and becoming her own person. She went through a major character development and learned what is right. She had to go through a lot of emotions to realize the truth and Ruugard-Larsen did a good job making it seem real to the point where viewers can feel the emotions through the screen. The Mother, a robot, is played by two actors, Luke Hawker and Rose Byrne. It can be difficult to film a robot as an actor but they pulled it off by showing the Mother in many different stages, showing human-like behaviors and giving off emotions. The Mother leads to a lot of anticipation as you don’t know what she’s going to do next. Throughout the movie the Mother can be very manipulative to the daughter and it’s believable because she’s a robot which makes it difficult to discern her emotions, if she has any. The Mother many times throughout the movie tries to be human, showing emotions or even cracking a joke even though it doesn’t come out right and she knows it.

The cover and the title are very intriguing and the content makes it a good recommendation for anyone looking for the next movie to watch, especially if they’re sci-fi fans. It’s definitely one to pay attention to because the small details in the movie make it even more interesting. The actors did an amazing job in their roles. Everything fit well together and in some parts there are well delivered spooks that would cause anyone to jump. It’s definitely a movie one can talk about with friends and refer back to it for inside jokes. Some parts of the movie are even bittersweet since the actors do so well at making the viewers attached to them.

Among Us – Game review

By: Young Kim 

A new game has taken the world by a storm and it features playing as little people with no arms. Within the past month, people have filled up the servers of the game Among Us all over the world showing the overnight sensation it has become. With the boom in streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube, Among Us has topped the charts in viewership. In addition, the game is free on mobile devices while being a mere five dollars to play on computers. So exactly what do players do? 

A game consists of 4 to 10 crewmates tasked with finding the imposter, a parasitic space alien, before the imposter or imposters, depending on the match, kill everyone in the crew. Similar to mafia, crewmates must deduce who the imposters are while maintaining the tasks they are assigned. If the crewmates are able to complete all their tasks before the imposters are able to kill them, the crewmates win. However, if all the crewmates are killed, the imposters win. In order to prevent tasks from being accomplished, the imposters are also given the ability to sabotage, which when used, makes the crewmates scramble to fix the ship instead of doing their tasks. For example, imposters can sabotage the lights task making it harder for players to see their surroundings until someone goes to fix them. During this time of darkness, imposters would most likely take the opportunity to pick off players. Sabotage can also lead to imposters winning the match if the crewmates don’t fix it in time. Imposters also have the ability to travel around the map through vents placed in specific areas. Since it is an ability only imposters have, if they are caught using the vents crewmates can instantly pinpoint who the fake member is. If a player stumbles upon a dead body, it can be reported and there is a meeting where crewmates take the time to deduce who the imposters could be and decide whether to vote someone off or skip the voting session. As an imposter, it is important to create a believable alibi in order to prevent suspicion. 

During this discussion period, friendships have been tested. Players must get used to the prospect of being lied to and be able to distinguish between the two. During a time of social distancing, being able to play a game with a key focus on communication makes it an enticing game for friend groups all over the world. 

The surprising point about Among Us is that it has actually been around for two years prior to its popularity. As stated earlier, the impact of streamers have added to the popularity of the game. With some of the biggest creators coming together to play such as PewDiePie, jacksepticeye, and DisguisedToast, fans of these content creators only want to play more. 

Among Us is a key representation of human doubt. While friend groups understand that lying is an integral part of the gameplay, players may discover new sides to close friendships. The game has done a spectacular job of integrating many different features making every new game never feel repetitive. The controls on mobile may be less smooth than playing on the computer, but that is to be expected with mobile games. Overall Among Us deserves a 10/10 as long as content is updated to bring even more new aspects to the game.